Missouri Hemp Legislation Has Hearing March 26th

Please support this legislation! It would be excellent for Missouri’s economic viability!!!

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — A bill that would exempt industrial hemp from the Missouri’s controlled substances act has been scheduled for a hearing by the General Laws Committee later this month.

Senate Bill 358, sponsored by Senator Jason Holsman (D—Kansas City), would exempt industrial hemp—defined as containing less than 1% THC—from the state’s controlled substances act and allow anyone not convicted of a drug-related crime to grow it.

An identical bill was introduced in the House last year, but never received a hearing.

A hearing on SB 358 has been scheduled by the General Laws Committee on Tuesday, March 26 at 3:00 pm.  This is a public hearing that allows for testimony in person or in writing if provided in advance.

“Hearings like this give people a chance to voice their opinion outside of the ballot,” said Steven Wilson of the Central Missouri Hemp Network. “Informed citizenry is what managed this country and it is how we can reclaim farm sovereignty and farm freedom.  I encourage all who care about the working man to come out and tell the Senate what they think, either way.  Citizen up or citizen down.”

Similar bills to allow farmers to grow hemp have been introduced in several other states, including Kentucky, Minnesota, and Vermont.

Cultivation of industrial hemp is currently prohibited by the federal government, but legislation has been introduced in Congress to allow the commercial production of hemp in the United States, the only industrialized nation in the world to prohibit the cultivation of hemp.

Hemp products can legally be sold in the United States, but the hemp must be imported from other countries.

For those Missouri residents interested in testifying at this hearing, contact sweb@senate.mo.gov, or contact members of the General Laws Committee: