“Sustainable” Food Shed for Military and Federal Government Support

Recently, I heard about a group calling themselves “Sustainable Ozark Partnership”…From the name, I didn’t like it. After finding a document delineating their desire to take a four county area surrounding Ft Leonard Wood and bring about total agricultural control to support the military base and other federal entities, specifically the Department of Homeland Security, I really don’t like it.

While I am total support of local food, I am completely against the leveraging of grant money to bring in “CEA” (controlled environment agriculture: very tall buildings that are dedicated to growing specific crops via computer controlled rotation and fertilization) buildings and make local farmers the captive supply food line for federal interests. And that is exactly what the “Sustainable Partnership” wants to do.

On it’s face, it looks like a feudal fiefdom for the military. Or a foodal fiefdom, if you prefer.

Here is the document with their intentions. Of course, one of those intentions is to get “stakeholders” to engage in the plan with the group seeking the grant money.

I haven’t had much time to devote digging into this, but I did find that similar plans are underway for Ft Hood in Texas. It is highly likely that there are many other programs in the works around armed services bases across the nation.