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Please pass this on to all in Missouri! Miraculously, Nixon did something right when he overrode these two bills.

Tell Legislators to “Vote No” on Veto Override of SB9 & SB342

Stop Foreign Corporate Ownership of Missouri Farmland

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In the last month of the 2013 legislative session, Representative Casey Guernsey added an amendment onto two ag omnibus bills (Senate Bill 9 & Senate Bill 342) that would allow up to 1% of Missouri’s total farmland to be owned by foreign businesses.  This would open up approximately 289,000 acres of Missouri’s farmland to foreign corporate ownership.  This amendment was never a standalone bill and was never vetted through the Committee process.  (Both SB9 & SB342 were vetoed by Governor Nixon.)


Two weeks later, Chinese meat processor Shuanghui Holding Ltd., one of the largest food processors in China, agreed to buy Smithfield Foods Inc., the largest hog corporation in the United States and in the world.  This proposed acquisition is the largest Chinese purchase of a U.S. company to date.  Smithfield Foods, Inc. controls 26% of the U.S. hog slaughter and owns Premium Standard Farms Inc., the largest hog producer in Missouri.


Current law prohibits foreign businesses from owning or having an interest in agricultural land except as provided in sections 442.586 and 442.591.  But, Senate Bill 9 & Senate Bill 342 (see Sections 442.571-442.576 in bills) include a provision that opens up 1% of Missouri farmland to be owned by foreign corporations.


This proposed acquisition is a prime example of how expanded corporate consolidation in agriculture has gone too far.  Vertical integration and consolidation results in lack of markets for independent producers, damaging effects on rural economies, limited consumer choice and higher prices at the grocery store.  If this acquisition goes through, two of the top four meatpackers (which control 2/3 of the hog market) would be owned by foreign corporations, JBS/Swift and Smithfield.


SB9 and SB342 were agriculture omnibus bills with good provisions in them, but unfortunately these bills were tainted with this language that opened up Missouri farmland to be owned by foreign corporations.


The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is lobbying to override the Governor’s veto of SB 9, which would allow foreign corporations to own Missouri farmland.  So, we need everyone—family farmers, livestock producers, concerned consumers—to contact our legislature and tell them to SUPPORT Governor Nixon’s veto of these bills!



Missouri Family Farmers Need the Support of our Legislators to Maintain the Veto of SB9 & SB342.


Please Call YOUR Legislator & KEY House/Senate Members TODAY!

VOTE “NO” on Overriding Governor Nixon’s Veto of Senate Bills 9 & 342!


Talking Points:

  • Help protect U.S. food producers and U.S. consumers from foreign corporate ownership and control of our food supply;  Vote NO on the veto override of Senate Bill 9 & Senate Bill 342.
  • SB 9 & SB 342 both had good provisions in them, but adding the foreign ownership of land language tainted both bills.
  • Missouri farmland should be not be owned by multi-national, multi-billion dollar foreign corporations.
  • Protect U.S. farmers and consumers from foreign companies buying and controlling U.S. food production. 


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