Mind Control-We are being manipulated…Surprise!

I tried to deal with the technical snafus on my radio show as best I could, but I failed entirely to be able to wrap up the point I was trying to make about the subtle, consistent, mind control that we are all under almost continually simply by watching the major networks and listening to mainstream and even many ‘alternative’ news shows. The main objective appears to be to keep people in a state of panic so that they cannot truthfully process the information and decide if there is indeed any action that should be taken or what action should be taken. Even many patriot radio shows strive to keep people in this ’emotional state’. This creates a dependence upon the host for their emotional fix, and makes many people feel like they are ‘special’ because of the knowledge they now have, creating yet another set of intellectual elitists. This ‘elitism’ helps to stop actual effective, concerted and righteous address of the problems that exist in reality. In truth, when you are given the eyes to see, it comes with duty…Share it, and share it in love. If you cannot help keep your neighbor free, who isn’t necessarily designed to deal with the mental acrobatics necessary to negotiate all the intricacies of sovereignty legal arguments, you cannot keep your own freedom. So while the problems may be complex, the solutions have to workable and use the KISS principle.

Anyway, I want to try to wrap up the attempted radio show now, if for no other reason than to give myself a little bit of a sense of completion.

The fact is that a group of people have been concertedly shaping the publics ability to both digest, and assess the information we are given about current affairs, and this IS mass mind control. The people fostering this control have perpetuated the mantra “perception is reality”.

Here’s how it works, they use the Hegellian Dialectic. This is “problem, reaction, solution”. They create the problem, watch the reaction and then provide the solution. They use seminars and the Delphi technique to bring leaders into line with their solutions.

A lot of times, the problem is completely false. They will create a problem in OUR MINDS. (Think of all the hoopla surrounding global warming recently), and then they will watch the hue and cry from the public and provide the solution via ‘policy’ for us. Inevitably, those policies are such that they contract our ability to
1) profit from our labor
2) be accountable for ourselves
3) manage our own lives and children

The group pushing this thought control is called the Aspen Institute. Their origins are in “German Intellectualism” and they have been working concertedly behind the scenes with the leaders of business, the legislators, and the judiciary since 1947 to forward their plan of nothing less than ‘global collectivism and humanism’. They have been very, very successful and are rather like the Holy Grail insofar as think tanks and the shaping of society via thought (perception)control since their inception. These folks have been instrumental in destroying critical thinking.

Just have a read through their handbook (available on line) titled “US in the World” and how they instruct their advocates to handle questions and opposition regarding initiatives that restrain our national sovereignty:

America must not compromise its sovereignty/flexibility.
Basic Advice: Talk about the benefits of cooperation, for us and everyone; in an interconnected world, it’s the key to making progress on shared problems, it’s the right thing to do and it works. Emphasize effectiveness, teamwork
“…The real question is, how can we accomplish what needs to get done? Independent action is important for solving some problems. But most of today’s big global challenges — like global terrorism and the growing threat of global warming — simply can’t be managed by any one nation, no matter how strong. Many other challenges are best handled by a team of nations, each doing what it does best. The key to making progress on these shared problems is making a shared effort. That’s just common sense. Working well with others is part of being effective in an increasingly interconnected world…”
“…America has maintained a position of global strength for the past 50 years not by staying out of international agreements but by helping to shape them.
So we know from experience that in the long run, cooperation gives us greater influence and flexibility of action than going it alone. International agreements help us predict what others are going to do, which enables us to lay out our own policies more intelligently. And each time we demonstrate that we can be a good team player, it’s that much easier to bring our partners along the next time. ‘My way or the highway’ feels good in the short run — but ultimately it limits our options and may lock us into acting alone when we don’t have to…”
“…In an increasingly interconnected world, we succeed or fail together. As a decent and responsible nation, America should be committed to working with others to make our world a better place. When nations work together as a team, everyone benefits…”
“…Sharing innovative solutions and inspiring international teamwork is the American way. When we live up to that tradition, we earn the respect and cooperation of other nations — and together, we get results…”
“…Everyone benefits from international agreements and laws that make the world a more orderly place. If we want other countries to follow those rules, we have to follow them as well. It’s a matter of common sense and common decency — “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Americans understand this; that’s why overwhelming majorities favor cooperative approaches over going it alone, even if we have to give up some freedom of action…”


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