Truth Farmer with Joan Veon!!!

This Saturday, on Truth Farmer, the radio show for real people, we’ll be visiting with Joan Veon! She has attended a myriad of meetings on the establishment and origins of the Global Governance we are seeing come to fullness, and also authored several books on the topic. She is a tremendous educator and has done an amazing amount of work on exposing this machine. Her most recent offering is a dvd titled, “When Central Bankers Rule the World” and it is a tremendous body of work! Very, very helpful for people to understand the machinations and history behind the global financial crises and the aims of the powers that be are in this debacle. You can read Joan’s articles and order her books at her website:

Please tune in to Truth Farmer this weekend, February 20th at 5pm Central Time and feel free to call in with comments after the first half hour by dialing: 866 986 6397!

Listen online:
Via the telephone: 801 769 2170
Or check the affiliates list at Liberty News Radio to see if your local station has the program. If not, call them up and tell them they should!

Thank you and God bless!



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