DC Farm Food Voices March 10th, 2010…..

This week I went to Washington DC for the NICFA’s fourth annual lobby day on behalf of Food Freedom for all. I was blessed to meet David Gumpert, Joan Veon, Joel Salatin and many, many others. Other than being in the pit of hell, it was fun. DC has a very negative effect on me. I simply can’t feel right whenever I am there. I know, I know, whiney, whiney, but still…..the line from the song “I spent a week there one day” applies to the illustrious national capitol. Otherwise, the visit was great!

The point of this annual event is to bring awareness to the legislators that small and independent farmers, ranchers, and local food advocates are not represented by the normal astro turf ag organizations that lurk in those hallowed halls. As with most things, “we the people” are not being heard by the representatives that pass the laws that effect us. NICFA (National Independent Consumer and Farmers Association) has spearheaded this effort and done a fabulous job of engaging all sides of those interested in direct trade of real food. You can visit the website at http://www.nicfa.org. I am the Director of Research for the group, and must say that the leadership is deeply dedicated to the issue as opposed to their celebrity. Refreshing!

Prior to the event, I gave a first ever attempt at a teleconference seminar to try to explain in fair detail what the issues regarding the “food safety” legislation are and what the effects of ensconcing authority to enforce and enact international standards in a blanket fashion will be on those of us interested in farming and eating real, honest to goodness food. David Gumpert attended that seminar and he wrote a blog about it….http://www.thecompletepatient.com/journal/2010/3/10/the-elephant-in-the-food-rights-room-how-global-trade-agreem.html?lastPage=true#comment7752519 —I am thrilled he thought enough of it to post it on his blog as he really gets this from the consumer standpoint and there are many more consumers than farmers or ranchers.

Honestly, every single one of us will be affected by the passage of any of these ‘food safety’ bills. Our food will be completely controlled, and this will serve only to further consolidate, concentrate and corporatize the food chain. Call your Senators and Reps and tell them not just no, but hell no, on HR2749 and S510. Talking points can be found at http://www.nicfa.org.

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  1. davidgumpert
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 04:18:51

    Hey, Doreen, great to meet you as well. Know what you mean about Washington. Keep up the great work of exposing the truth. David GumpertAuthor, The Raw Milk Revolutionwww.thecompletepatient.com


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