Show Time!

This week I go to a new time slot on, with some new stations picking up the radio show. It’s really exciting that people are interested in more in depth explanations of what is affecting each and every one of us as the move toward full harm-onization of our nation continues. By continuing to do the next right thing, we make it more difficult for those who think we are too stupid to even decide what we want too eat. Below is the show blurb for those who might want to listen…..

This week on Truth Farmer, Doreen Hannes will have David Gumpert, author of “Raw Milk Revolution” and several other books, as a guest to discuss issues and possibilities in the direct farm to consumer trade of agricultural goods, along with whatever else happens to strike their fancy. David is also a journalist (Business Week), as well as an icon in the local food movement. He has a great blog to visit,

Please tune in to the show at it’s new time 10-11am Central on Saturday, March 20th to hear what promises to be a very entertaining and educational show brought to you through the grace of God….. and Call 866-986-6397 during the show with questions or comments.

Thank you!!


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