Stealth Care

Today is the day that the House of Representatives are supposed to vote on the “Health Care” bill. Most agree that about 30% of the general population approves of the gov’t run and socially paid for program. Of the remaining 70%, probably 30% are violently opposed to the scheme.

I wonder what the fall out from all of this will be.Some are predicting violence in the streets. The latest version shows in excess of $12 trillion for many things other than health. Our GDP is enough to cover it if that were all we were doing, but there is no way to continue to spend more than we earn and delude ourselves into thinking we can be ‘free’ under that type of policy. This is just one bill and it has over $12 trillion in it. These aren’t funds from somewhere else, or things that have been paid for previously, these are new “bills”….with new charges.

The funny thing is that we don’t even have the collateral to cover the debts we are already obligated to cover. So if they (the international bankers and other nations being the ‘they’ in this case) took everything we have in the country, it still wouldn’t cover our debts and future obligations. Now we are going to add to it! And I sit and worry about paying the electric bill–Ha!

If it weren’t for the fact that we trade real labor for fake money to pay fraudulent taxes on things we don’t own, I might be able to get excited for our children’s future. As it stands, I just want them to be able to eat. Ya know, they live longer if they eat than if they have insurance. Paper isn’t very nourishing.

BTW, it’s a dreary day here.


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