Last Show on Liberty News Radio-9-18-10

Yes, it is going to be my last show on Liberty News Radio tomorrow morning. I will have a guest on with me who is very studied on the One World One Health Initiative that is already being legitimized in law in the United States, and it will NOT be better for your freedom, your health, your pocketbook or your choices. It’s an all around bad deal that you will want to understand the terminology linked to it, as well as the scope and method of implementation.

My guest has put together a wonderful document to help you learn this program and while I cannot post the entire thing here (lack of time and my general ineptitude with -blogger-) I’ve put a snippet below and you can email me at with the heading “OWOH Paper” and I will be happy to send it to you. I encourage everyone to download an archive of this program from the show archives section of Liberty News Radio.

As I said in the “Something’s Happening Here” post below, I will be doing a lot of radio still, just giving up my own show, so look for me on Derry Brownfield, The Power Hour and the Liberty Roundtable on a regular basis.

Be Blessed, everyone!


Here is a taste of the document for tomorrow’s show:

Truth Farmer Listeners

The One Health Cash Cow

From a Texas A & M: Mass Animal Carcass Management Powerpoint

The Global Cash Cow is strategically placed in many government and higher education powerpoints

There is a United Nations code that few people are aware of. They are the Terrestrial
Animal Health Code, Terrestrial Manual of Diagnostics & Vaccinations, and Terrestrial Aquatic Code combined are that is the equivalent of 9 reams of copy paper!

➢ This code was established because the US is a UN Member Signatory
➢ This code was not brought to you or you public officials for a vote
➢ This code when fully implemented will regulate every facet of your life
➢ This code defines you as an animal and you will be treated as the global herd

Under the Terrestrial Animal Health Code you are defined as an animal.

An animal means a mammal, bird or bee (1)

Don’t think so?

From the Summer Edition of the One World, One Health Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 3

Highlights: “My Future Veterinary Career in Human Health.”



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  1. Inalienable Rights
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 00:36:34

    Hi Doreen!Just a note to let you know that your archives at: not working properly. I was hoping to DL all of the shows. :-(We are going to miss you.BTW people might want to check out this radio show about local foods:


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