Stalled Food Safety??? We shall see……..

So I am in throes of dissecting the “bipartisan”, same as if not worse than it ever was, Senate Bill 510. There is a lot of hoopla going on about it. The people who actually think it is somehow beneficial to give the FDA USDA, CBP and DHS more power than they already have to do the job that they aren’t doing are out in force. Merler is a law firm that sues on food safety issues, and he is the biggest public proponent of this legisation. He has a post on how upsetting it is that there appear to be power structure problems with pushing this bill through, and was actually good enough to post some negative comments about the bill. You can read that on his blog, Marler and weigh in if you feel inclined.

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Morningland Dairy in their effort to try to get common sense in the regulatory approach to their recall situation. At this point, the Missouri Milk Board is “recommending” that they destroy all cheese in their cooler made through June the 25th. This is a little more than a half year of work. Morningland wants to test their uncut blocks of cheese, and the Milk Board is still taking the position that they simply should destroy all of it. Seemingly, Morningland has to get permission from the Milk Board to actually test their cheese. I find this ludicrous and nonsensical. Not a single illness or complaint about their product has been levied. I am more than certain that if Kraft has an issue, they don’t close them down for a month and then ask them to destroy half a year’s worth of work.

What we have in Morningland is definitely a double standard from large entities to smaller entities. They want to test the actual cheese and implement “recommended” “good manufacturing practices” and wish to test every lot of cheese for several months before they will ship it out. But they are being stopped from testing what they already have. Kooky…..IF common sense is given any thought at all, but if not, then this is all perfectly logical.

I should finish my article on 510 soon. Have a great day!!


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  1. Inalienable Rights
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 00:31:04

    Call me a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist… but it is very evident to me that the ONLY reason for big brother regulation is to destroy small scale agriculture and then force the toxic franken foods on all of us. How about a free market where the consumer can choose whose inspection scheme (if any) that he chooses to purchase? In other words lets legalize freedom again! Like it was 150 years ago when American agriculture ruled!


  2. Dreen
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 14:09:19

    Yes, that would be nice! Legalizing freedom has been a major objective of mine.It seems to me that we have been feeding ourselves for long enough that we don't really need any agency wonks telling us how to do everything. Personally,I think if we could disrupt, overturn, overthrow or (even)destroy the corporatocracy we are under, I would be a happy camper!


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