Radio Show Appearances– 10/16/10 and 10/18/10

Tomorrow morning I will be on Darren Weeks radio show, Govern America, at 8am Central time until 10am, or thereabouts. We’ll be talking about Morningland Dairy and the facts in that case, and whatever else comes up!

On Monday, I will also be on the radio with the Intel Hub, discussing Morningland and Rawesome and similar attacks on food freedom and food choice.

In all seriousness, we need to make educated decisions about our food choices. We certainly have the capacity to do that, and we appear to have a duty to do so now with all the actual issues in the consolidated industrial food chain. Raw milk is a very hot button issue for many people, and I am a staunch proponent for raw milk. I do, however, believe that people should make informed decisions about whether or not they want to consume fresh milk. Where you get your fresh milk from does matter, and not all milk is created equal.

Personally, I like our milk the best, but those goats don’t give me butter as they produce naturally homogenized milk! I really want a Jersey cow…just for butter! If anyone has a healthy Jersey they don’t want, let me know! (lol)

Thanks and I’m hoping we get lots of call ins on these upcoming shows.


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