Joan Veon Passed Away

I learned this evening that my friend, compatriot, and my sister, Joan Veon, passed away at 4am. Central time this morning…Ocotber 18th, 2010. I am looking forward to seeing her in the Resurrection, and I want to ask that those who feel led pray for comfort for her husband and for her family.

Joan gave much more than we can even appreciate. She attended 109 meeting of the international elites, and I know what a drain those can be. I was blessed to interview her on my show, and you can download that here: Liberty News Radio Joan Veon on Truth Farmer

To be honest, I am stunned. I am sad for all of our loss. She gave it all, and I am glad she won’t have to witness the financial devastation that is coming upon us.

May she rest in peace that passes all understanding.


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