The Prose About the Cons

 Or, How to Gang Rape a Family Business Government Style 

©Doreen Hannes

When the California Department of Food Drugs and Agriculture, the FBI, the FDA, the Los Angeles Police Department and their co-conspirators, raided Rawesome Food Club in Venice, California at gunpoint last June, they were intent on one thing: controlling people’s access to food of their choice.

When the CDFA tested cheese seized in the raid 55 days later and “detected” pathogens in the cheese, a freight train of destruction began to run down Morningland Dairy. This family business had been in business for thirty years with no complaints or illnesses associated with consumption of their cheese.

The owners of the company, Joseph and Denise Dixon originally thought the agencies in charge of the investigation were actually interested in helping them address a problem if the investigation showed there actually was a problem. They thought that the Missouri Milk Board was interested in helping them get back into producing their highly desired cheese.

Unfortunately, nearly a year later, those naïve original thoughts are as absent as cheese making activity at their virtually abandoned cheese plant.

Apparently, the government paid enforcers of truth, justice and a controlled food supply, will not rest until the object of their desire, $250,000 of cheese, is destroyed. With the destruction of that cheese will come the destruction of another family farm.

If actions are any indication of intent, the intent of the Missouri Milk Board with Morningland Dairy has been annihilation from the beginning of the investigation.

As one might imagine, when faced with the destruction of your livelihood, potential loss of your farm and home, complete loss of your business, accusations of wrong doing and ill will, along with separation of your family due to the inevitable continuing saga of bills that must be paid regardless of your circumstances, you might have some feelings about it. You would certainly have some thoughts about it….maybe thoughts like the following.

This prose asks the ineffable question:

“How Many Goons (Bureaucrats) Does it Take to Destroy A Business?”

FDA, Team 1: 3 Goons…..Impress Them

1. Arrive at the business dressed in full camouflage fatigues and serve inspection papers. Make ignorant statements like, “I don’t know how many times a week you milk your cows, but….” and despite the statements illustrating your ignorance, make them believe you have the authority to decide if their operation runs properly.

Impress them.

2. When they question your demands for information unrelated to your inspection, make obvious note of their “failure to cooperate”.

Impress them.

3. When you fail to find any contamination, even though you dig deep into crevices and under bulk tanks to insure that you do, be sure to downplay that failure and continue to impress them with more investigation. You are impressive.

4. When they attempt to limit your ability to confiscate their product, threaten them with an invasion by your sister, the U.S. Marshall.

Impress them.

5. When you close your investigation, be sure to inform them that you will be back to open up another investigation.

They’ll be impressed.

FDA, Team 2-1 Goon…Strong Arm Them

1. Call the plant. When you find that the owners are not there, impress upon the Plant Manager the need to recall all product for the entire year.

Push! Push!

2. Email them with your outline of exactly how to do the recall. Never mind that the owners are not present. Never mind that there has never been an illness or complaint connected to their product. Never mind that the test from another state looks extremely suspicious and mishandled.

Push! Push!

3. Hound the Plant Manger. Use phone, use fax, use email. Even on the weekend. Get that recall done before the owners arrive!

Push! Push!

4. When the owners arrive at the plant before the recall is complete and ask why such a recall is necessary before the ‘facts’ are substantiated, threaten them that you’ll have to issue the recall for them if they do not!

Push! Push!

5. After you’ve forced them to recall, when the owner informs people you forced them to do it, deny it! But don’t fret; your job is completed. You pushed!


Missouri State Milk Board- 3 Goons… Deceive Them

1. Arrive at the plant and pretend to be concerned about the ‘situation’, and assure them that you’ll help them get back in business soon. Make them think you are concerned over the apparent and obvious lack of proper procedure performed by the other state’s officials, though you will not make any effort to question the other state.

Deceive them.

2. When they try to conscientiously test some of their product, introduce them to the testing facility that you have used for years, and with whom you have such a relationship that you can call them up and change things to your specifications even if the test is not yours. Tell them that you don’t know this testing facility, that you just learned of them recently, that you will ‘loan’ them the business card you ‘happened’ to have in your wallet to make a copy but that you’ll need it back in case you might want to contact this facility yourself.

Deceive them.

3. Make them think that you regret that they must do a recall. When the owners insist that the other state’s procedures be investigated, tell them you will look into it, but first, they must do the recall. You really care.

Deceive them.

4. When they question the integrity of your testing facility, and especially when they find out that you and the facility are buddies, make them think you are saving them from poisoning sooooo many people! Make them believe that it’s not important to do a valid scientifically proper test of their product. Make them believe you are doing all that you can do to help them. Make them believe that their healthful product is not even fit to feed to dogs. Make them believe that you do not want to destroy their business.

Deceive them.

5. When they dare to oppose the planned destruction of their business, testify in court that you have been concerned by the inspections you had previously done at their plant. (Deceive!) Do NOT testify that you had repeatedly complimented them on their efforts to improve the plant, or of the fact that you recently approved plans to expand the plant.

Deceive them!

6. When you have the opportunity to help the judge decide upon improvements to require before resuming production of their product, be sure to list expensive changes that are not required in any other facility like theirs. Make the judge believe these changes are necessary! (Deceive!)

        Missouri State Court and Attorney General’s Office-  

                               3 Goons…..Play You’re God

 1. Twist the truth to achieve your goals and disregard any who insist upon proper procedure.

Play that you’re God.

2. Invent false, damning accusations and run with them so you can destroy an already injured enterprise. You don’t need any factual basis for your accusations! You’re playing God! Act like it.

3.  Ignore the truth that you hear in testimonies supporting the business; you needn’t bother heeding it because as God, you make your own “truth”.

4. When you’ve destroyed the business, don’t stop there. Grind your victim into the ground by inventing ways to find them in “contempt of court”. Pay no attention to rules and regulations or precedents they may quote to you. You’re a deity, and fully convinced of your powers. Logic means nothing; it’s a distraction. This is just how you roll. You are all mighty, right?

The answer is Ten

So it takes 10 government goons, with government funding, to kill a small business in under a year.


This is a business that provided for families, and employed six people by making easily digestible, raw milk cheese with beneficial nutrients. They shipped their cheese all over the country and grossed almost $600,000 a year.

Guess that made them a threat to the government.










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  1. Joe in Missouri
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 17:42:47

    Nullify! nullify! nullify! and then make it a CAPITAL offense for federal agents (or anyone else) to interfere with the right to grow and buy food in the State of Missouri!!

    Let’s quite playing games with peoples livelihoods and health.


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