Henry Lamb Passes Away

I just rec’d the following email. Henry was an absolute champion of private property rights and standing up to the UN Agenda of harmonizing and standardizing the entire globe.  I ask that those of you who benefited from his work pass on the news of his passing away to others who might appreciate knowing.
In all the years I worked with people who were very close to Henry, I only spoke with him myself one time when I interviewed him on The Unsolicited Opinion. It was a very educational interview and he was quite engaging…..I pray for shalom for his family. Thank you.
It is with very deep regret that I am informing everyone that Henry Lamb passed away today.
There aren’t proper words to describe Henry and what his passing will mean to us all. It was because of Henry that we learned about the encroachments on our property rights, the Biodiversity Treaty and Agenda 21.
Irene Lamb will let me know what arrangements are made at a later time. Henry wanted to be cremated and his wishes will be carried out. We may have a memorial at a later date.
I personally want to say that I have lost a great friend and comrade.
You may view the works of Henry at www.freedom.org and www.freedom21.org.
Please pass this on so that everyone in the Liberty Community will learn of this terrible loss and I am sorry if I missed sending it to anyone.

Norman Davis


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