GMO is Being Exposed

Recently, two of the giants of genetically modified plant organisms have been charged with substantial fines over their products. The first one to make it across my radar was the criminal charges against Syngenta for covering up cattle death attributed to their “wholesome” product, BT Corn. BT is an insecticide and when it is consumed, it is widely reported that it continues to produce the insecticide within the consumer’s body. Animals fed exclusively on genetically modified crops are developing serious disease issues or simply falling over dead at a terrifically high rate. You can read about the Syngenta case here.

Then, on the very heels of the news about Syngenta, word came from Brazil that Monsanto, arguably one of the most hated corporations in all of America, may be on the line for 7.5 billion dollars to Brazilian farmers and affected workers! Here is an excerpt from the article that points to many more legal issues the Monsatan Corp is facing:

“Lawsuits and criminal charges continue to hit Monsanto, scratching away at the financial foundation of the agricultural behemoth. Monsanto has been found guilty of chemical poisoning in France after their weedkiller product led to neurological problems, and the company has even dished out 93 million to victims of toxic dioxin. As Monsanto continues to be slammed with lawsuits, many of which are from multitudes of affected farmers and individuals, awareness spreads among the general public regarding the corporation’s true acts.”

It is apparent that people are actually catching on and a great deal of people are learning the differences between, GMO versus hybrids versus open-pollinated/heirloom seeds. These developments are excellent, but not likely enough to stave off the massive consolidation in agriculture that has benefitted the predatory practices in the market side of agricultural products.

Meanwhile, we continue in drought here in the Midwest and pray that it rains good and long for us so we can continue to feed ourselves and those in the nation who get that if there aren’t any farmers, there isn’t any food!




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  1. InalienableWrights
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 16:01:43

    Great job. Thanks for all that you do.


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