Government Accountability Project Sues the FDA

While I think it’s always a good idea to sue the FDA, I wonder if standing will be granted to the Government Accountability Project to carry on the suit? I would LOVE to see the Food Destruction Agency held accountable for their actions!

Antibiotic Food Animals

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) on Wednesday, claiming that the group withheld data regrading the sale of antibiotics for use in food animals.

According to GAP:

“Drug companies are required to report basic information about antibiotic sales to the FDA under the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA). Such information includes how much of each drug is sold; whether the drugs are formulated for use in feed, water, or by injection; and the animals for which each drug is approved. FDA publicly releases a limited summary of ADUFA data each year, but withholds almost all of what companies report.”


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