Prop 37—Vote Anomolies, Surprised?

If you care at all about knowing whether you are eating pesticides or herbicide masquerading as food, you should be concerned about California’s Prop 37 outcome.

As for me, if we fail to return to paper ballots, with fully transparent vote counting and recording, I will no longer pretend the process matters, or support elections, or candidates, no matter how good they are. What I will do is continue to work with the State legislature and my local officials, but I will save my gas on not bother with the charade on “voting day”

Read this on Prop 37, and please, follow the links through:

Since November 6th, people from around the world have watched as the vote tally from Prop 37 has slowly edged up towards 6 million votes. On Tuesday morning, December 4th, 2012, Prop 37 hit the 6 million vote milestone on the California Secretary of State’s website, but this tally was quickly reversed with an hour of being posted publicly (more on that later).

On election night the California Secretary of State’s office called the election for the No side, declaring that Yes on 37 to label genetically engineered foods had failed to pass by a margin of 46.9% to 53.1%.

While reports of election fraud have circulated on the Internet, at Food Democracy Now! we have been closely monitoring the results as they’ve come in and had not heard any credible reports of possible voting irregularities – until now.

Yesterday, we received some disturbing news from a voter integrity monitor, claiming that possible “statistical anomalies” had been detected in 9 counties in California.

According to Francois Choquette, a statistician closely monitoring incoming election results in California, there were significant “irregularities” in the vote totals for prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods that could not be explained by random coincidence…..(full blog post here)


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