Food Freedom In Court – Missouri

SHi friends!

I’m sorry for the late notice but I’m writing to let you know about a hearing being held tomorrow a.m. (Friday). This is a property rights issue, and I’m asking as many of you as possible to try to make it, to take notes and fill the courtroom. Here are the details:

On Friday, March 6th at 9:00 am at the Christian County Justice Center, we will have a hearing in our case against the Christian County Health Department Board. In 2012, they ordered us to stop delivering our milk to a set location in the county, insisting that we must deliver milk to our Christian County customers at their individual residences each week. They have used all sorts of liar/lawyer maneuvers to evade responsibility for the attempt to prevent people from choosing to consume nutritious food.

Last round, they refused (perjured themselves) to tell the court what experience they used for a basis in determining that milk is a health hazard, and the court, over our objection, allowed it. This time, they are claiming that the individual members of the board are not the correct defendants, only the board itself.  The problem with that is that last time they made no such claim, and we believe the law requires them to do so in the first round or not at all.

The most important thing for all of you to know is that the court will take note of a large turn out of people interested in the freedom to chose your own food!!!
Please try to attend, as promoting all of our freedom is ultimately the goal of this effort.

The address is 110 W. Elm St. in Ozark, MO.


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