Go Green Festival— October 17th and 18th

Go Green Ozarks
Self-Reliance Festival
October 17 and 18,  2015 
Saturday 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
Donations appreciated!
Thayer City Park by the Rodeo Arena, Thayer, Missouri
Supporting Preparedness, Celebrating Heritage,
Growing Our Local Economy, Promoting Self-Reliance,
Learning How to Save Lives During Disasters
Featuring 16 Expert Speakers On:
Preparing for Disasters and Emergencies, Modern Homesteading, Food Freedom, Making Your Own Biodiesel or Alcohol Fuel, Niche Farming Profits,  Steam Engines to Make  Electricity for Your Home, Solar Energy, Geothermal, Wind Power, Steam Engines for Electricity
Draft Horses, Wool Spinning Demonstrations, Herbal Medicines, Heritage Breed Hogs, Dairy & Meat Goats, Sheep, Organic Gardening, Bee Keeping, Scottish Highland Cattle, Petting Zoo, Sheep, Chickens, Turkeys, Aquaponics, Learn how to make a rocket stove
Explore How To Be Self-Reliant, Self-Sufficient and Be Prepared!
Don’t just survive, THRIVE! Strengthen family bonds through self-sufficiency, stay alive, and live a better life!
Attend This Event To Make Sure You & Your Family Will Be Prepared for:
MAN-MADE DISASTERS:    Terrorist threats, social collapse, nuclear reactor
NATURAL DISASTERS:  Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Pandemic
ECONOMIC COLLAPSE:   Do you have cash, gold, silver, barter items?
Special Outdoor Exhibits Including ATVs!
Special demonstrations covering Archery with both modern compound bows and handmade Native American style long bows, Atlatl spear throwing sticks, hunting slingshots, tactical shooting demos and self-defense tactics!
Live Music – Bluegrass, Country & Western, Gospel, Blues Performances
Carnival for the Kids with Ferris Wheel and Other Rides!!!!
Free Money in the Hay Bale Activity for Kids
Activities for the Kids
Call (417) 264-2435
email mike65807@yahoo.com
Go Green Ozarks Self Reliance Festival
The Go Green Self  Reliance Festival is  dedicated to promoting and supporting the local economy, sustainable living, agriculture, alternative renewable energy, preparedness,  and positive community activities, held in Thayer, Missouri in the Ozarks on the Missouri Arkansas border. The festival averages 16 speakers, 150 vendors and 3,000 or more in attendance.
Mike Slack, the organizer is a homesteader, a writer and veteran of    US Army Intelligence. His articles on preparedness topics have appeared in several issues of The Survivalist magazine.

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