Missouri Cannabis Initiatives…Attorney’s Thoughts on Show Me Cannabis Fail

I was sent the following Facebook post from a friend who is also working on the Missouri Cannabis Restoration Act. Since there may be some people who, like me, are not on Facebook, I decided to share this post so people can get an idea of what is going here in the Show Me state with three very different (and two incredibly insanely taxed) cannabis initiatives.

While there are numerous particulars that actually demand another in depth article on this issue, the following will at least cover some of those issues and let people know a bit of what is actually going on with this issue.

One thing that Attorney Groce points out here is of major importance…Why is Show Me Cannabis, the biggest cannabis group in the state, not putting up their own initiative, and not lending their support to the best initiative that actually frees people to access cannabis?

Here’s the post:


Missouri Marijuana Law and Reform
October 28 at 12:05pm ·
MISSOURI: 3 Ballot initiatives, and opinions. By: Steven Groce, Attorney.
Each is presented below.
The Show Me State, is not short on ideas for Cannabis reform for 2016.
Three possible Ballot initiatives. Each, different. The only problem, is
that no one is on the same page for Legalization. For those of us that
worked hard prior to the 2012 Presidential election for an actual
“Legalization” initiative to be on the 2012 November Ballot, there simply
were not enough signatures for the initiative to make the ballot.
Following that effort, most of us still held our heads high, and resolved
that 2016 would be a different story. Why 2016, rather than the Primary in
2014? Simply because it has always been the case that more people come out
to vote in a Presidential election, than in a Primary. So, despite the
fact that it meant waiting 4 more years, rather than 2, everyone involved,
primarily Show-mecannabis, seemed to be in agreement that it would be best
to go for Legalization in 2016.
It was generally assumed that Show-mecannabis would head up the
Legalization initiative for 2016, and also that in 2016, there would be no
problem getting the signatures to put actual “Legalization” on the ballot.
In addition to volunteers, professional payed signature gatherers would be
hired, and therefore no shortage of signatures.
Moving forward to October 2015, barely 1 year away from the 2016
Presidential election, much has changed. Show-mecannabis, has decided,
against the wishes of many people and supporters, to not even put forth a
Legalization initiative. This is perhaps the greatest disappointment for
the entire State, not to mention many people that supported
Show-mecannabis, with both time, and also financial resources. Instead,
Show-mecannabis has decided to put forth a voter initiative for a limited
and restrictive Medical Cannabis initiative only. While I can personally
attest that Show-mecannabis has done some great work over the last few
years, many people still feel completely let down by the very organization
that they supported, again with both time and money, to go for
Legalization in 2016.
Once again, We, the People, should never assume or presume anything, even
if it involves people that we believed were all on the same page. For the
record, this is not to be construed as an attack on Show-mecannabis. It is
simply a great feeling of being let down that is shared by many. So, the
reality now, is that many of us who thought we were all on the same page
for Legalization in 2016, apparently are not on the same page at all.
So, while Show-mecannabis has come out supporting a limited and
restrictive Medical cannabis initiative, the organization has effectively
caved in regard to going for actual Legalization. What makes this even
worse, and more disappointing, is that if you consider the arguments
Show-mecannabis made for waiting until 2016, to go for Legalization again,
(because it would be the next Presidential election), then not going for
Legalization in 2016, most likely means, that at least for
Show-mecannabis, that organization will not consider it again until 2020
(which would of course, once again, represent the next Presidential
election after 2016), which was the argument for waiting until 2016,
rather than 2014, to try for Legalization again.
From a personal standpoint, I felt that the organization should have tried
for Legalization in 2014, during the primary. To not try in 2016, during
the Presidential election, is not just a let down, but from a personal
standpoint, unbelievable. Sometimes, you just have to go for it. I don’t
mean to be harsh. It is just how I, and many others, feel. I will always
try to support Show-mecannabis; but when it comes to a vote, I will
support Legalization.
The fear of losing, should not be such a fear, that it stops one from
trying. Also, in Life, if you are going to go for something, anything, it
should be what you really want and believe in. Noteworthy is Oregon.
Oregon was not successful with Legalization the first time around; but it
did not adversely hinder, in any way, going for it again the next time,
which proved to be successful. It should also be noted, that Oregon
successfully passed Legalization during the 2014 mid-term Primary. They
did not even wait until 2016; and because they went for it, they have it!
As President Roosevelt said:
“It is hard to fail; but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
So, what are the options for Missouri Voters?
As of this writing, there appear to be three. Whether all of them will
actually be on the Ballot in 2016, remains to be seen. Much of that
depends on the efforts of each organization.
Each of the initiatives in Missouri, and the organizations, or in one case
the person behind it, is set forth below:
1. FOR TRUE LEGALIZATION, we have some very hard working people
representing the Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection act. The
Legalization initiative can be read by clicking on the link below:
MCRPA 2016, as it is also known, has already been circulating Signature
gathering Petitions around the State, holding meetings to both explain the
Legalization initiative and to garner support; and they already have a
good start in getting the required number of signatures for this
initiative to make the 2016 Ballot.
For the record: I have personally signed this Legalization initiative, and
I encourage everyone else that would actually like to see Cannabis
returned completely to pre-prohibition status, to sign the Petition as
well. A Google search will quickly inform you of how to find an
opportunity to sign this Petition.
2. For Medical, (limited, restrictive and taxed), there are now two
First, is the Show-mecannabis initiative, which is being promoted under
the name of “New Approach Missouri.”
The lead spokesperson or consultant for New Approach Missouri, is a person
by the name of Jack Cardetti. It is somewhat confusing; but this is really
Show-mecannabis, and represents the Medical initiative of that
organization. Remember, this is the organization that many people thought,
assumed and supported, that would go for Legalization, even though we knew
we would have to wait until 2016 for Show-mecannabis to do so, because
Show-mecannabis thought that was necessary.
After receiving an email on 10-16-15, from Jack Cardetti, inviting me to a
fund-raising launch party for New Approach, (the Show-mecannabis Medical
only initiative), I wrote a reply email back. I do not know if it was
received by Mr. Cardetti, since I never received a reply. I was informed
that it may have been a No Reply address that he sent me the invite from;
but at the time I replied on the same date, it did not appear to be so,
and the email did not come back as undeliverable. Regardless, I have
decided to include that email below for all to read. Perhaps if Mr.
Cardetti, or Show-mecannabis, did not get to read it, then everyone can do
so now. I encourage everyone to read it, as it also provides some insights
(definitely not all), as to why I feel that Legalization, rather than
Medical, is the only way to go.
October 16, 2015
To: Jack Cardetti
New Approach Missouri Missouri (Medical Cannabis only)
Dear Jack,
Thanks for your email regarding New Approach Missouri.
As you may, or possibly may not know, I am a Life Member Attorney for NORML,
and I also sponsor the Facebook Community Page:
Missouri Marijuana Law and Reform
I support all efforts for legalization.

To be honest, the fact that Show-mecannabis decided to only go for Medical, rather than legalization, is a huge disappointment. It is even a step backwards from the
legalization effort that we had hoped for in 2012!
I am willing to write about it on the Community page; but I have also
written about the efforts of the Missouri Cannabis Restoration Act for
full Legalization in Missouri. Therefore, I will support both; but I will
first and foremost support full Legalization. However, to be clear, I will
only support what you are doing if you and Show-mecannabis also are
willing to support the Missouri Cannabis Restoration Act.

This conflict between the two organizations is not helping the cause for anyone; and it
is very unfortunate for everyone in the State that two organizations are
not on the same path, and not seeking the same objectives.

Medical Marijuana has many problems that promoters of it rarely ever tell the
people that they ask to vote for it. Such as the fact that regardless of
whether you get a prescription, you may very likely be denied many jobs,
and also licenses for many things. Doesn’t matter if the prescription
makes your use legal. People need to be told that, especially young
people. In fact, I still think that you and Show-mecannabis should forget
the medical and go for full Legalization. It is not too late. Medical will
help some people; but it will also hurt some of those same people in ways
they never even dreamed. It will not be helpful to many people with a
career and a variety of professional licenses.

Also, what you and Show-me Cannabis has decided to do, will very likely delay any chance for
legalization in Missouri until 2020, (seriously, think about that alone);
and people need to be aware of that also. So, while you act like this is
some great thing, and ask for support and money from people, the real
truth should be presented.
Steven F. Groce, Attorney
Tel. 417-883-4950 Office
Life Member Attorney: NORML (National Org. for Reform of Marijuana Laws)
Life Member Attorney: NACDL (National Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers)
Member: Missouri Bar
Member: Texas Bar
Member: Federal District Court Bar
Member: Bar of The United States Supreme Court
On Oct 16, 2015, at 2:29 PM, Jack Cardetti <info@newapproachmissouri.com>
Steven —
You’re invited to help us celebrate the kickoff of the campaign to bring
medical cannabis to Missouri at the New Approach Missouri Launch Party on
Friday, October 23 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m at Nebula in Saint Louis. Drinks
and light appetizers will be provided. For more details and to rsvp, click
the link below.
Come meet campaign leaders and help set us on a path towards victory on
Election Day 2016!
-Jack Cardetti
New Approach Missouri
For more info. on New Approach, they can be found at:
3. The third and final Medical only initiative currently being discussed,
(which hopefully, in my opinion, also has the least chance of success), is
being put forth by Physician and Lawyer Brad Bradshaw. Mr. Bradshaw, is
apparently running for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri. A very important
point to note about Brad Bradshaw, is that HE TOTALLY OPPOSES
LEGALIZATION. So, ask yourself, do you want to even elect a person into
our Missouri government, that opposes Legalization? I think not.
As I was writing this post, a friend stopped by, and of course I was
explaining what I was currently working on. He said to me, “I heard that
Brad Bradshaw was running for Lieutenant Governor and was also pushing for
Legalization.” The power of the Media, and buzzwords! What he took from
the Media stories was apparently that Bradshaw wanted Legalization. I had
to explain to him that nothing was further from the truth. When I showed
him what Bradshaw really wanted, he was shocked. The point though, is that
a lot of people don’t really pay enough attention to the details, and they
hear a few buzzwords, and think a person stands for one thing, when in
fact, quite the opposite is true.
To be fair to Mr. Bradshaw, the following is a link that will provide more
info. regarding Mr. Bradshaw’s attempt for a power grab in Missouri, as
well as his ideas regarding Medical Marijuana. As with each of the other
initiatives presented, everyone is encouraged to investigate each on their
own. The link below is from an article written by The Pitch, which is a
magazine/newspaper in Kansas City, MO. If you take time to read this, one
thing you should immediately take note of is that Bradshaw would impose a
75% Retail tax, on Medical Cannabis, and an additional wholesale tax! I
would not want anyone in any political office, who would even think for a
minute that taxes like this are appropriate on Cannabis, or for that
matter, on anything else, let alone the fact that he also completely
opposes Legalization. Electing Bradshaw would be a setback to Missouri,
like nothing else. The Link below will take you to the real story of what
Brad Bradshaw is proposing.
Substantial time was put in to writing this, as with a lot of Posts on
this page.

It is my hope that all of this information regarding these
three different initiatives, that are currently being sought in Missouri,
to be on the November 2016 ballot, has been helpful. Everyone should check
each one out for themselves. Although my personal biases, which obviously
favor True Legalization, are apparent, I have tried to also be fair in
presenting all three, with links for information regarding each one. Each
Voter will have the opportunity to make their choice on whatever ends up
on the Ballot.
Missouri Voters should not settle for anything less than actual
Legalization. We don’t need excessive or additional taxes of any kind on
Cannabis sales. We already pay a substantial Sales tax on everything we
buy. We, The People, also need to get away from the idea that we need the
Government to regulate everything. There seems to be a mindset by
individuals growing up in our current tightly regulated, and over policed
society, that we somehow have to have every aspect of our lives regulated.
I suggest to everyone, that thinking needs to be discarded.
One more point, regarding medical. Ask yourself: Isn’t any use of
Cannabis, medical? For example, let’s say you are not suffering from
seizures, or severe pain, but you have had a stressful day of work. You
are stressed, and rather than taking one of a hundred different
prescription Pills, you feel that a little Cannabis in the evening before
going to sleep will be the most healthy. The point: There could be a
thousand reasons why one might want to either ingest or smoke some
Cannabis. Maybe, just because you feel like it. Personal Freedom alone is
enough of a reason. Each reason, arguably, was due to a perceived need;
and that alone makes any use, for any reason that a person might desire,
medical. The Medical Marijuana proposals, however, will not provide for
this. Only Legalization will return freedom to the people, and end a
wrongful prohibition, that should have never happened.
We have become Slaves to a Government that wants to control every aspect
of our lives, spy on us, listen to our phone calls, mock the Constitution
given to us by our Founding Fathers, and tax the life out of us, only to
take care of the Government itself. It is time to take a stand. Stand up
for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
By: Steven F. Groce, Attorney
Steven F. Groce, Attorney, Life Member Attorney for NORML
Facebook Community Page: “Missouri Marijuana Law and Reform”
http://www.attorneydwi.com/ (Law Office Web Site)


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. InalienableWrights
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 11:58:48

    I have always laughed and made fun of what people called “legalization”. Finally here in MO there are people trying to do it right. Or at least as close to right as I have ever seen. I vote for no compromise freedom for a change.


    • Nicholas Raines
      Oct 30, 2015 @ 18:07:27

      We believe in the truth. Hence why b with the Missouri Cannabis Restoration And Protection Act 2016-013 we can end the prohibition of cannabis in Missouri all together. #NOMOPROHIBITION


  2. Eldon Wright
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 12:22:51

    Dear Truth Farmer,

    I am appalled by the ignorance shown by those who support legalization of another drug. If those who want relief of pain through smoking pot really wanted to CORRECT the problem instead of putting a band aid on it and COVERING IT UP, they have PROVEN FACTS which use NATURAL NUTRITION to do the job.

    The legalization of pot use does only two things……..makes the illness worse by covering up the problem and puts more money in the hands of politicians! The use, legally or illegally, of ANY drug, legal or otherwise, to solve the pain and suffering of anyone is like standing in front of an open flame and spraying gasoline on the fire.

    Eldon Wright Wappapello, MO


    • InalienableWrights
      Oct 30, 2015 @ 13:53:44

      And I Mr. Wright am very appalled by your very obvious, and dangerous ignorance on so many fronts. I gather that your anti-liberty anti-American views are a product of government schools and the MSM?

      From your own words you seem to believe that my right to do something comes from government. That by definition means that you think of Government as your God, and that you think that by the use of government that you own my body. That you can in effect treat your fellow man in exactly the same way that a slave owner could treat a slave.

      I would venture to guess also that you are a 501c3 Christian because that is the largest group in this state that does not believe in man having God given rights. (you read that correctly) or that I have an innate, and inalienable right to choose what I ingest. I am even more blasphemous of, your God the state, in claiming that, I own my body, and that the 501c3 Christian God, the state, does not.

      Mr Wright for your edification I suggest you do some homework…. lots of it…. You need to discover that “the war on drugs” got into gear when the globalist United Nations pushed it world wide in 1961. I could write large tomes on what you likely do not know about “the war on drugs”, who it benefits, liberty, and God given rights…. “My people shall perish from lack of knowledge” is one of the most appropriate scriptural quotes I can think of these days. You would also benifit from learning what the Russian derived word “useful idiot” means. Too may people are in that club these days.


    • Rebecca Davis
      Oct 30, 2015 @ 19:10:02

      Mr. Wright, if you are so against the legalization of another drug, then maybe you should go to Jefferson City, Missouri and Washington D.C. and speak to the courts and then to the medical fields and speak to them, because they are legalizing drug after drug after drug. Every doctor I have been to for any problem I may have for over the last twenty years, no matter how mild or how severe it may be, always wants to “solve the problem” by putting me on another drug. No one even suggests changing my habits, my diet, my every day way of living, a possible operation, or trying something like meditation or relaxation. And when they put you on a drug, they don’t warn you about the side effects of the drug, which it may have up to five side effects even if it does help with the one problem that they prescribed it for. Our doctors answer to everything now is to put you on another drug, and these are drugs that have not been studied for very long, plus they don’t tell you about all of the chemicals that are in these drugs. Cannabis is a plant grown on our earth, therefore considered an herb: in other words, it’s a treatment from Nature itself. I myself am a Christian, but I also believe in natural treatments instead of putting our people on something that we know very little about. Cannabis has been being studied for years and it has been found that it is more pure and safer than a lot of the drugs that our modern-day doctors put people on, which a lot of people have been having such severe side effects that they have taken the hospitals and doctors to court and sued them for all of the harm that their drugs have done to the one that they prescribed it to. Pharmacies have also had to take these drugs off of the shelves and cannot distribute them any more. I am not saying that there are no dangers to taking cannabis, I am saying that there are fewer dangers because more is known about it than these drugs that are being prescribed in our modern world. I believe that there can be dangers in anything that you take; everything has good possibilities and bad possibilities, it just depends on how your body responds to that treatment. Perhaps you should open your books back up and do some more studying about these modern-day doctors, especially ones that come over here from other countries with very little education, study and learn more about their methods of treatment and the dangers of them, and then study the good and bad possibilities of any treatment including the use of cannabis. This includes not only smoking it but also taking it by shot or in pill form. I think that you still have a lot to learn about our doctors and our medical fields in our country.


      • InalienableWrights
        Oct 30, 2015 @ 19:20:59

        Rebecca it sounds like you need to reread my comment as you are accusing me of being on the side that I am not on…..

        From your comment, learning something of the history of the current medical monopoly seems in order for you Rebecca….. Google the Flexner Report and learn how the current medical monopoly was funded by the Rockefeller’s and the Carnegie’s in the early 20th century.

        There is plenty of info for you here:

  3. R Duncan
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 16:32:27

    Doreen, thank you for keeping we the people up to date with your Blog. Education is the key to removing cannabis & hemp form prohibition once and for-all.


    • InalienableWrights
      Oct 30, 2015 @ 18:22:56

      I think we sometimes do liberty a dis-service when we focus on particular injustices, such a those surrounding hemp, when the real issue is the hundreds of places that government is trampling our rights rather than protecting them.

      With the later meme we do not have 10,000 battles to fight. Instead we have only the one.


  4. Tim
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 17:57:46

    First and foremost I would like to thank you for your opinion. I myself host a sister group of. .MCRPA initiative and have collected thousands of signatures please view the video link below and it will give you an insight of exactly what it is we are doing my apologies for the grainy video but it is somewhat informative at least https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=905266432859760&id=118741724845572


  5. lkempen
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 18:54:36

    One thing that is truly frightening about the quasi-legalization propositions (as opposed to the Missouri Cannabis Restoration & Protection Act) is that they not only impose egregious regulations/restrictions as well as egregious taxation, but they actually CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECT such regulations and taxation, rather than protecting we-the people.

    That is NOT what our Constitution is for!


  6. Pat
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 20:49:18

    Reblogged this on POPS.


  7. Teresa Bray
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 21:35:32

    I believe as a voting citizen that it is our right to do what we want without the consequences that some people want to impose on us. This is not how our degenerating Nation was started. Yes there are people who will have to think about their employers but yet for those who support the MCRPA already know this, it’s not rocket science. Plus all the benefits of total legalization is nothing but a win, win. It will pull the state of Missouri out of debt plus help people who need it and help Mother Earth. The more people informed of the FACTS and not going by what ignorant people who are brainwashed the better.


    • InalienableWrights
      Oct 31, 2015 @ 10:56:00

      The facts are, that you have an inalienable right to choose what you put into your body Teresa Bray.

      It is irrelevant that hemp may have medical benefits, It is irrelevant that hemp may bring illegitimate money into the states coffers. It is irrelevant that hemp does not have harmful side effects.

      NOTHING matters except that you should not be impeded in the exercise of your God given rights. To argue otherwise is very ill advised, and it severely diminishes the gravity of your rights being honored by the psychopaths in the legislature.

      It is totally disgusting that people have to beg for the rights that God gave them by coming up with arguments other than the fact that it is a right. The psychopaths in the legislature are IMHO blasphemous in that they have taken away what God has given us. The trampling of God given rights does not make the psychopaths “of God” as many Christians like to frame government. It makes them blasphemers.

      (As far as voting, we do not live in a democracy, and you failed to mention the only constraint on voting, and that is you can not legitimately vote to violate the rights of others. In fact to ensure the rights of others is the only legitimate use of voting.)


  8. Mathew Mathaniel Mc Daniel
    Nov 01, 2015 @ 18:36:13

    Thank you I would like to spread the word here in Miller co. Mo.


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