FDA Readies Another Give Away on Big Pharma Cancer “Cures”-Herpes Based

This is insane. Granted, a lot of people get cold sores from time to time, but to base a medication for cancer on the herpes virus is nuts. Not to mention that it doesn’t reduce mortality, just the size of tumors….Geez:

FDA approving drug that uses the cold sore-causing herpes virus as its base

In a move to eradicate cancer the FDA is about approve a drug made from, well, Herpes! That’s right a new drug called Amgen is coming to market soon. Unlike chemotherapy treatments that require oral dosages, doctors inject the Imlygic drug directly into the tumor, destroying the cells in a targeted attack. Clinical trials showed that Imlygic was able to shrink a tumor significantly more than control patients who only received the GM-CSF protein therapy. Imlygic shows promise, but it may not be a cure-all — even though it reduced the size of the tumor in trials, patient mortality was not reduced with the drug.

  “T-Vec represents an important milestone in using viruses as the vehicle to stimulate immune response and fight cancer,”

Amgen will begin offering its drug to patients in the coming weeks with an average cost of $65,000. Seems like corporate greed once again is taking control of the cures to our most aggressive diseases. No wonder companies dont seem to try to erratically reduce cancer, rather come up with new ways to promote not so curing drugs to take for a steep price.


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