Neural Dust Implants…

For those who aren’t familiar with smart dust, this is a more programmable version. As I am fond of saying, I like my Brave New World better as fiction:

Tiny implant could connect humans and machines like never before

Invention of ‘neural dust’ could mean people will be able to communicate with computers using the power of their mind

A tiny implant the size of a grain of sand has been created that can connect computers to the human body without the need for wires or batteries, opening up a host of futuristic possibilities.

The devices, dubbed “neural dust”, could be used to continually monitor organs like the heart in real time and, if they can be made even smaller, implanted into the brain to control robotic devices like prosthetic arms or legs.

It is believed they could help treat conditions like epilepsy by stimulating nerves and muscles, help people with incontinence control their bladder and even suppress appetite. They could also potentially either be used to prompt the immune system into action or reduce inflammation.

One of the inventors, Professor Michel Maharbiz, of University of California, Berkeley, said: “I think the long-term prospects for neural dust are not only within nerves and the brain, but much broader.

“Having access to in-body telemetry has never been possible because there has been no way to put something super-tiny super-deep [in the body].

“But now I can take a speck of nothing and park it next to a nerve or organ, your [gastro-intestinal] tract or a muscle, and read out the data.”

Ultrasound vibrations, which can penetrate almost every part of the body, are used to power the sensors, which are about a millimetre across.

They contain a special crystal that converts ultrasound into electricity to power a tiny transistor.

If there is a voltage spike in a nerve or muscle fibre this alters the vibration of the crystal, changing the way the sound echoes back to an ultrasound receiver.

So far, experiments have been carried out on muscles and the peripheral nervous system of rats, but the researchers believe the dust could also work in the central nervous system and brain to control prosthetics.

This can already be done using brain implants, but these require wires that go through a hole in the skull, potentially allowing in infection or movement of the sensor within the brain. They must also be replaced after about one to two years.

The researchers are currently building neural dust that could last in the body for more than 10 years. And because they are wireless there is no need for holes to remain in the skull.

Professor Jose Carmena, a neuroscientist at Berkeley, said: “The technology is not really there yet to get to the 50-micron target size which we would need for the brain and central nervous system.

“Once it’s clinically proven, however, neural dust will just replace wire electrodes. This time, once you close up the brain, you’re done.”

However he added: “The beauty is that now, the sensors are small enough to have a good application in the peripheral nervous system, for bladder control or appetite suppression, for example.”

A paper about the research was published in the journal Neuron.


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  1. mike parsons
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 08:13:43

    I am listening to the replay of you on The Power Hour on the Mandela effect.
    If time travel allows for changing of the physical, i.e. scripture, books, movies etc. for the obvious purpose of changing perception, it will not effect our memories because we actually lived it the original way. But it is our memories they wish to destroy because it is our memories that conflict with their plan. Sadly, they will use our memories against us to claim we are crazy and when the ignorant jurors see with their eyes the new narrative implanted in the physical, they will convict us. It’s how the deceiver manipulates Gods creation destroying Gods creation.


  2. Debra
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 08:20:28

    And if the brain can control the implant there is a way for the implant to control the brain. Not that they don’t already do that with media based propaganda, disinformation and social engineering/pressure.


  3. truthfarmer
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 08:46:21

    Right. Prior to discovering the Mandela Effect, I was looking into psychotronic and frequency weapons. It’s incredibly sci-fi, but has been in existence with patented methods and machinery since the 60’s.

    If what I think is happening, and it is based upon things that have been published in scientific papers, is what is actually happening, there will only be a very small percentage of humanity that is resistant to the reprogramming or mind jacking that they have the technology to do. And I don’t believe that the humans running this stuff are actually capable of accurately targeting material constructs. More likely, they have a shotgun approach and push the button and see what happens.


  4. Debra
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 09:25:52

    Speaking of mind control, I remember reading an article long ago about the CIA experimenting with different substances/drugs to see which ones made the mind more open to influence/brainwashing. What was interesting was they found that cannabis was one of the few things that actually helped the mind be LESS susceptible to these influences. I have often wondered if, aside from the usual conflicts of profit that gave them a motive to villify it, that was another big reason. Can’t have the people resisting the Borg.


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