Doctor Huber on the Glyphosate New Life Form and Destruction of Well Being

If you will recall, prior to GMO alfalfa being approved a few years ago, Dr. Huber sent a four or five page summation of his findings regarding a new detrimental life form found to be associated with GMO’s and their consumption. It’s like a fungus, and causes abortions, declining health, liver stress and death.

The Obama Administration ignored his warning and his findings, and approved yet another GMO crop.

Here is a 1:40 minute talk by Dr. Huber on this problem. If you think GMO’s are okay, at this point, I have to pass a judgment. You are either ignorant or evil. If you’re ignorant, listen to this talk and take notes. If you’re evil…the final judgment is coming, and you have a short time to repent and mend your ways.


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  1. InalienableWrights
    Mar 20, 2017 @ 11:05:15

    We live in the age of eugenics. The people that run this country have a dozen eugenics programs meant to kill most of the people on the planet. GMO’s are but one tip of this eugenics program.

    The reason that this program exists, and has flourished is because of the total inaction of modern day Christians. Instead of addressing evil, they worship it. They regurgitate their screwed up interpretation of Romans 13, and how “government is of God”.

    The truth is that today’s Christians have brought us the greatest, by far, evil that the planet has ever seen, and most of them still refer to this evil as being “of God”.


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