Fukushima Has Begun to Melt into the Ocean-That means ALL Oceans

For the past month or so I have been focusing very much on getting things done in the physical realm and trying to avoid a bunch of digital interludes and drama. Not that I crawled under a rock, or buried my head, but some of the things that are truly a threat to our lives and well being have reached the point where there really isn’t much we  can do about it. And that is disheartening.

The well being of humanity is directly tied to the well being of the Earth and the other life forms we share this place with. And while I am in no way a radical environmentalist, I also am not at all blind enough to think humanity can dump every toxin we can create in huge amounts into the water, the land and the air and have no consequences from our actions.

I also strongly believe that the Earth has cleansing systems and the ability to heal itself from damage we may cause, but now, with the complete melt down and subsequent cover up of Fukushima and the devastation of GMO’s and their toxins, I am not in any sure that the Earth can cleanse itself and heal from what has been done to it…And to us, by extrapolation.

Below, there are links to several articles that have received very little exposure regarding the uncontrollable melt down of Fukushima. Also, several articles about the loss of marine life and the “emergency” of the loss of salmon.

Here’s the problem. We have never had an event like this. It makes Chernobyl look like an Easy Bake oven compared to a block of full on blast furnaces. Chernobyl was stopped. Fukushima cannot be stopped. Yes, it is melting into the Pacific. And the Pacific is connected to every other ocean. The hydrologic cycle guarantees that rain which absorbs water from the oceans will bring the radioactive isotopes to the rest of us that don’t border the oceans.

Put in a nut shell, we are pretty well guaranteed massive devastation with minimal capacity to address the devastation.

Cancer, auto-immune disorders, thyroid and liver malfunctions, are all on the rise, and will continue to rise. We can raise some plants and some particular herbs can be very helpful for us, but we cannot live in a bubble and avoid the consequences of this problem created by the Fukushima melt down.

Generally, I am a fairly optimistic realist. Today, I am feeling kind of deflated. And I am not sharing the links below to bring other people down, but in the hope that if people know, perhaps we can act in a way that will help to preserve quality of life as well as life itself.

Here are the links responsible for this apocalyptic missive:






As always, you thoughts and input are welcome!


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  1. InalienableWrights
    Mar 20, 2017 @ 12:26:19

    I am of the opinion that the meltdown was likely orchestrated. Perhaps the help of the Stuxnet virus. The PLC’s in the nuke plant were the same type that were used by Iran and infected with the Stuxnet virus.

    This is just another arm of the grand eugenics movement, run by those that control the planet and it’s governments.

    You do know that the US is littered with nuclear reactors of this inferior, General Electric, design? In the free market we would likley have thousands of decentralized, and relatively safe Thorium reactors, but that would not serve the agenda of the rulers of the planet.


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