Skynet is Here: Jade Helm Decoded

As we are all well aware, the surveillance society and control paradigm has done nothing but escalate in all areas of our lives. Recently, I had to get a new phone. One of the options is to have the phone wake up when I look at it…I find that to be ultra super mega creepy. Go ahead and call me a Luddite, it won’t hurt my feelings.

Last week, a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video of an interview of a lady going by the name of “DJ”. It’s a very long interview, and it is terribly important for people to understand the issue that is being brought to light by this woman’s research.

I will nutshell the information for you, but I deeply encourage you to download the video and listen to it as you have time. It is nearly three hours and the terminology may be over a lot of people’s heads, but the gist of the issue is clearly explained and the framework is very well described.

Here’s my Reader’s Digest version:

Jade Helm is a AI software program that is capable of cataloging and determining motives of both military and civilians.

The program is being rolled out in the US during the Jade Helm 15 operation that has received so much notoriety. It has already been tested and rolled out over seas.

The program determines desired objectives based on it’s programming and the metadata collected through all the various datamining activities being conducted by entities such as IBM, NSA, BAE, Facebook, etc.

The program evidently has the capability of generating holographs and thereby effectively creating an artificial reality coming from an artificial intelligence.

Are you happy yet?

Bottom line, Jade Helm, the AI program, puts the program in charge of people. We are seen as “nodes” in the system architecture.

I have tried to debunk the statements made by this “DJ” person, and I have not been able to do so. Consider this post as an open invitation to debunk the statements made in the interview. Also, if anyone has any ideas about how to get this genie back in the bottle, I am very interested in hearing how that might be accomplished.

As I have said repeatedly, I like my Brave New World better as fiction….But here it is: