GMO Babies???

There is so much going on in the realm of GMO’s right now that one has a difficult time keeping up with it! Monsanto and Syngenta are experiencing deservedly difficult times being fined and otherwise kicked in the wallet by nation after nation. Syngenta’s cover up of it’s killer BT corn illuminates the level of dishonesty that these corporations are will stoop to just to make more corporate profits off their life destroying mutant seeds.

Meanwhile, Monsanto is being denied royalties in Brazil, which has been a stronghold for the GM soy and corn, and they are also facing the fact that nature is finding a way to kill their corn by developing BT resistant corn borers that are happily destroying whatever crops are left to drought stricken farmers who planted their franken-food.
Then we get news that a New Jersey company has actually altered the human germline and there are now thirty babies who have two mothers and one father. here is excerpt from the UK article breaking this news:

The world’s first genetically modified humans have been created, it was revealed last night.

The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics.

So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found to contain genes from three ‘parents’.

Fifteen of the children were born in the past three years as a result of one experimental programme at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St Barnabas in New Jersey.

The babies were born to women who had problems conceiving. Extra genes from a female donor were inserted into their eggs before they were fertilised in an attempt to enable them to conceive.

Genetic fingerprint tests on two one-year- old children confirm that they have inherited DNA from three adults –two women and one man.

The fact that the children have inherited the extra genes and incorporated them into their ‘germline’ means that they will, in turn, be able to pass them on to their own offspring.

Altering the human germline – in effect tinkering with the very make-up of our species – is a technique shunned by the vast majority of the world’s scientists.

Geneticists fear that one day this method could be used to create new races of humans with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence.

Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, the researchers, led by fertility pioneer Professor Jacques Cohen, say that this ‘is the first case of human germline genetic modification resulting in normal healthy children’.

You can read more about that here.

Years ago, I reported on the addition of human genes to cattle in an attempt to make cows milk better for lactose intolerant, specifically infants. One might argue that this new alteration of the human gene isn’t actually clinical genetic modification because they are still using actual human gene information, but I would submit that changing the genetic code in any way is genetic modification.

This news is going to shed an entirely different light on “Heather Has Two Mommies”. It seems there is no level too low for some of these scientists to reach. Just because science CAN do something certainly doesn’t mean that it should.