Federal Reserve Official Says Bail-Ins Coming Soon

Just to be clear, I do not have a crystal ball, but I have previously published documents and articles that clearly indicate this is an option here in the US. Some are saying this is scheduled for Septemeber 2nd of this year. Please, if you are blessed enough to have any money in the banks, hedge against this and buy hard assets. This isn’t good, and there is precedent for it:


U.S. Preparing Bank Bail-Ins – Fed Vice Chair Fischer
Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer delivered his first speech on the U.S. and global economy in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday.


Fischer headed Israel’s central bank from 2005 through 2013 and is now number two at the Federal Reserve in the U.S. after Janet Yellen.



In a speech entitled, The Great Recession: Moving Ahead, given at an event sponsored by the Swedish Ministry of Finance, Fischer said that the economic recovery has been and remains “disappointing.”


“The recession that began in the United States in December 2007 ended in June 2009. But the Great Recession is a near-worldwide phenomenon, with the consequences of which many advanced economies–among them Sweden–continue to struggle. Its depth and breadth appear to have changed the economic environment in many ways and to have left the road ahead unclear.”


Speaking about the steps that have been taken internationally in order to “strengthen the financial system” and to reduce the “probability of future financial crisis,” Fischer said that the U.S. was preparing proposals for bank bail-ins for “systemically important banks.”


Additional steps have been taken in some countries. For example, in the United States, capital ratios and liquidity buffers at the largest banks are up considerably, and their reliance on short-term wholesale funding has declined considerably. Work on the use of the resolution mechanisms set out in the Dodd-Frank Act, based on the principle of a single point of entry–though less advanced than the work on capital and liquidity ratios–holds the promise of making it possible to resolve banks in difficulty at no direct cost to the taxpayer.


As part of this approach, the United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding–this cushion is known as a “gone concern” buffer.”


Fischer’s comments that the U.S. is “preparing a proposal” for bail-ins is at odds with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Bank of England officials who have said that bail-in legislation could be used today.


The U.S. already has in place plans for bail-ins in the event of banks failing. Indeed, the U.S. has conducted simulation exercises with the U.K. in 2013 and again this year.


On October 12 2013, Art Murton, the FDIC official in charge of planning for resolutions, and the Bank of England’s Deputy Governor Paul Tucker, both confirmed that the U.S. system is ready to handle a big-bank collapse.


The Bank of England’s Tucker, who has worked with U.S. regulators on the cross-border hurdles to taking down an international bank said that “U.S. authorities could do it today — and I mean today.”


There is speculation that were Yellen to retire early Fischer would be anointed as the new Federal Reserve Chairman.


Fischer who previously was chief economist at the World Bank, also makes it clear that he expects ultra loose monetary policies to continue in the U.S. which will be bullish for gold and silver.


See our important guide to coming bail-ins here Protecting Your Savings in the Coming Bail-In Era


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Speaker Schedule Preppers and Patriots Expo Aug 16, 2014
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1 pm Lynette Pate – Organic Guru The Monsanto Project

2 pm Essential Oils – Dr. Norfleet

3 pm Dr. Jim Cesar – How to Suture Wounds

4 pm EFS Energy Company – Solar Power

5 pm EFS Energy Company – Wind Power


Speaker Schedule Preppers and Patriots Expo Aug 17, 2014 
Sunday – Theater 1

9 am Dave Lohr – Survival in the Wilderness 

10am Doreen Hanes -TruthFarmer.com – Agenda 21 

11am Tim Stark CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Last 15 minutes of talk Oathkeepers Reaffirmation of the Oath Ceremony

12pm Ozarks Refuse – Why the Ozarks Is The Perfect Bugout Location Jerry Diamond

1pm Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy – Survival Medicine When There Is No Doctor

2pm Lens Pense -Gardening Revolution 

3pm Forest Gardening Chris Allen

4pm. Common Core Dangers – Dr. Mary Byrne

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Theater 2

9 am Lynette Pate – The Monsanto Project

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11 am Dawn McPherson – When There is No Pharmacy PART 1

12 noon Dawn McPherson – When There is No Pharmacy PART 2

1 pm Bob Anderson – Author of The Survivalist novels

2 pm Mike Brown – Defending Yourself Against Health Nazis

3 pm SwissAmerica – Precious Metals in a Crisis

4 pm Allen Busiek Prepper Groups – Part 1 – Why Join (or Form) a Group / Types of Groups / Possible Benefits / Organizational Hurdles / Potential Downsides 

5 pm Allen Busiek Prepper Groups – Part 2 – Why Join (or Form) a Group / Types of Groups / Possible Benefits / Organizational Hurdles / Potential Downsides


Reporters Arrested in Ferguson

This is an incredible indictment of the “law enforcement” separation from the reality of community that causes things like the shooting initiating the uproar and the continued rioting to occur. When you have a bunch of people who are outraged,  and then you treat people who are outwardly identified as reporters treated in the manner described below, it’s pretty difficult to expect things to get better any time soon. I just hope this doesn’t spill over across the country and end up as some kind of repeat of the 1960’s race riots.

Please read the article below. It clearly illustrates the level of disconnection held by entirely too many police across this country.


Reporters arrested in Ferguson

Close By DYLAN BYERS and HADAS GOLD | 8/13/14 8:53 PM EDT
Reporters from The Washington Post and the Huffington Post were arrested in Ferguson, Mo., on Wednesday night while covering the protests that have rocked the St. Louis suburb.

Wesley Lowery, a Washington Post political reporter, and Ryan Reilly, a Huffington Post justice reporter, were arrested in a McDonalds shortly before 8 p.m. ET. Police entered the restaurant and told patrons there to leave, the reporters wrote on Twitter after their release. The police then asked Lowery and Reilly for their identification and, according to the reporters, arrested them because they weren’t packing their bags fast enough.

Lowery also said the police officers “assaulted” him. “Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of,” he wrote on Twitter. Lowery also said that he and Reilly were released without paperwork or charges, and that the officers refused to provide the reporters with their names.
Ferguson has been the site of protests since the death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African-American who was shot several times by an officer. The chief of police there has refused to disclose the identity of the officer in question, citing safety concerns. According to The Associated Press, the officer “has received numerous death threats, and the chief worries that disclosing his name would endanger [him].”

Both Lowery and Reilly have not responded to requests for email.

Martin Baron, the executive editor of The Washington Post, said late Wednesday night that “there was absolutely no justification for [Lowery's] arrest.”

“He was illegally instructed to stop taking video of officers. Then he followed officers’ instructions to leave a McDonald’s — and after contradictory instructions on how to exit, he was slammed against a soda machine and then handcuffed,” Baron said in a statement. “That behavior was wholly unwarranted and an assault on the freedom of the press to cover the news. The physical risk to Wesley himself is obvious and outrageous.”

“After being placed in a holding cell, he was released with no charges and no explanation,” Baron continued. “He was denied information about the names and badge numbers of those who arrested him. We are relieved that Wesley is going to be OK. We are appalled by the conduct of police officers involved.”

According to the Washington Post, both reporters were taken to a police car where a member of the clergy was also being held, and then transported to a holding cell at the Ferguson police station. The Ferguson police chief was reportedly alerted to their arrests by Matt Pearce, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Pearce tweeted that when he informed the police chief of the reporters’ arrest, the chief answered “Oh God” and said the riot police were from St. Louis County and likely “didn’t know any better.”

About a half an hour after arriving at the holding cell, Lowery and Reilly were released without any charges filed, the Post reports.

In an article, the Huffington Post confirmed that Reilly “was arrested Wednesday while covering the protests in Ferguson.”

“Reilly tweeted at around 8:00 P.M. EDT that SWAT officers invaded the McDonald’s at which he was working, requesting his identification after he took a photo of them,” the statement read. “The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery was also working at the fast food restaurant.”

Reached by phone, an operator for the Ferguson Police Department would neither confirm nor deny Lowery and Reilly’s arrest.

“I have no information,” the operator said several times.

In an interview with MSNBC following his release, Reilly called the police officers’ mentality “extremely disturbing.”

“It was madness,” Reilly said. “[The officers] asked us to begin packing up our stuff. Evidently I was not moving quickly enough for their liking, at which point I was given a countdown, I was told I had 45 seconds, 30 seconds, pack up all my stuff and leave, at which point the officer in question… held me back, grabbed my things and shoved them into my bag, and basically he then arrested me. He hancuffed me… he used his finger to put a pressure point on my neck.”

“He would not tell me what I was under arrest for…he was in complete SWAT gear,” Reilly continued. “The most frustrating thing…I repeatedly asked over a dozen times for his name or ID number was never given it… The worst part was he slammed my head against the glass purposely on the way out of the McDonalds then sarcastically apologized for it.”

“It was just a terrible experience,” he continued. “I recognize I’m in sort of a place of privilege here both as a journalist and as a white person frankly, in that evidently the police chief made the decision to not hold us. … The mentality of the officers was extremely disturbing. They essentially acted as a military force.”

Reilly told MSNBC he was “not 100 percent sure” whether he identified himself as a reporter, but said he identified himself as a journalist after being handcuffed.

Lowery also appeared on MSNBC shortly after Reilly and provided an account of the arrest.

“As I was packing my bag videotaping with one hand, he was angry I wasn’t moving fast enough or what not, I put my backpack on tried to walk out, from the corner I could see Ryan having the same type of interaction,” Lowery said. “As I turned the corner I tried to ask him… ‘Am I going to be able to move my car?’ They didn’t want to answer that question. They directed me toward one door where I encountered another officer who directed me to another door, I said, ‘Officers, where would you like me to go.’ As I turned to follow their instructions, my bag slipped off my shoulder. I said. ‘Officers, I’m going to need to stop to adjust my bag, give me one second,’ at which point they said ‘Let’s take him,’ slammed me into the soda machine, grabbed my bag, grabbed my phone and put me in temporary restraints and took me outside.”

Lowery said he was wearing his Washington Post credentials on his neck at the time of the arrest.

On Twitter, Lowery wrote, “Apparently, in America, in 2014, police can manhandle you, take you into custody, put you in cell & then open the door like it didn’t happen.”

Cheap GMO Corn Available This Year


Cool, ideal summer weather set high expectations for the country’s corn crop, and the USDA’s latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimatesreport shows just how much the crop benefited.


In Tuesday’s report, the USDA forecast 2014-2015 corn production at a record 14.03 billion bushels, 172 million bushels higher than forecast in the USDA’s July report.


“The first survey-based corn yield forecast, at a record 167.4 bushels per acre, is up 2.1 bushels from last month’s trend-based projection,” the USDA wrote.


The report also projected


  • Record corn supplies for 2014-2015 at 15.24 billion bushels, with an increase in production partly offset by a 65-million-bushel reduction in beginning stocks;
  • An increase in corn use for ethanol and exports by 45 million bushels and 20 million bushels, respectively, for 2013-2014;
  • Slightly higher ending stocks for 2014-2015; and
  • Lower season-average farm price, which is expected to range between $3.55 and $4.25 per bushel.


For soybeans, the USDA forecasts production to top 3.8 billion bushel due to a higher yield, which is projected at a record 45.4 bushels per acre. The season-average soybean price is expected to range between $9.35 and $11.35 per bushel, down 15 cents on both ends of the range.


The USDA sees reduced soybean imports and increased exports for 2013-2014.


“Imports are lowered 5 million bushels to 80 million based in part on revised import data for September – December 2013 from the U.S. Department of Commerce,” the USDA wrote. “Exports are raised 20 million bushels to 1,640 million reflecting both revised export data for September through December 2013 from the Department of Commerce and inspections data for July 2014. These changes are offset with lower residual use, leaving ending stocks unchanged at 140 million bushels.”


Click here to read the full report.



Startling? Not really…

The study that brings this “startling” information to proven status is likely the reason I dropped out of PoliSci. At any rate, it may be helpful knowledge for some, and with the stamp of academia upon the obvious, it can now be dealt with as factual. This is one of the myriad of reason why Missouri’s Amendment 1, “Right to Farm” is so horrific. We cannot affect the definitions and rule making processes very much at all. Hence the massive contraction of independent participation in actual agriculture markets and the death of the entrepreneur.

You Have Nearly Zero Impact on US Policy



A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”


The startling study, titled “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens,” is slated to appear in an upcoming issue of Perspectives on Politics and was authored by Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin Page. An early draft can be found here.


Noted American University Historian Allan J. Lichtman, who highlighted the piece in a Tuesday article published in The Hill, calls Gilens and Page’s research “shattering” and says their scholarship “should be a loud wake-up call to the vast majority of Americans who are bypassed by their government.”


The statistical research looked at public attitudes on nearly 1,800 policy issues and determined that government almost always ignores the opinions of average citizens and adopts the policy preferences of monied business interests when shaping the contours of U.S. laws.


The study’s findings align with recent trends, where corporate elites have aggressively pursued pro-amnesty policies despite the fact that, according to the most recent Reuters poll, 70% of Americans believe illegal immigrants “threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs,” and 63% believe “immigrants place a burden on the economy.”


The solution, say the scholars, is a reinvigorated and engaged electorate.


“If policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened,” conclude Gilens and Page.


Label GMO Campaign in Texas

As a former Texan married to a native Texan, I truly hope that Texas can get this done! If they do, it will help even non-Texans have a better chance of getting a bit of knowledge about what is in their food. This is a lengthy article by Texan Mike Adams:

Label GMOs Texas: grassroots campaign for food transparency launched in the Lone Star State

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046413_GMO_labeling_Texas_grassroots_campaign.html#ixzz3A7lnGPBh

(NaturalNews) A grassroots campaign to require honest GMO labeling on food products has been launched in Texas. Called “Label GMOs Texas,” the campaign follows in the footsteps of the highly successful Vermont campaign which achieved victory earlier this year.

The Facebook page for the Texas campaign is available here.

A petition demanding the labeling of GMOs in Texas has also been launched here.

People interested in joining the campaign can email texaslabelgmos@gmail.com and request to be added to the announcement list. Natural News has been informed by the campaign organizers that action instructions will be emailed out within roughly two weeks.

The fundamental human right to know what we are eating

Like nearly all informed Americans, Natural News believes that food consumers have a fundamental human right to know what they are buying and eating. The right for consumers to know the ingredients of foods, the country of origin, the organic status and the GMO status of foods they buy is impossible to deny.

Those who oppose GMO labeling do so as a matter of willful deception: they do not want consumers to realize they’re buying artificially engineered foods containing deadly pesticides. The entire effort put on by the biotech industry and deceptive food companies to block GMO labeling is one of the most insidious and evil-minded campaigns in the history of agriculture. Food democracy and transparency is an abhorrent idea to these companies, because they are fully aware that their profits are largely derived from tricking consumers into buying something they would much rather avoid if they had an informed choice.

That’s why the biotech industry and processed food manufacturers have only managed to defeat state labeling laws through the use of blatantly illegal money laundering tactics, highly deceptive disinfo campaigns and the contracting of “hired gun” scientists to confuse and misinform the public about GMO labeling.

In the history of dirty campaign tactics, nobody has a more disgusting track record of lies and deceptions than the biotech industry and the processed food manufacturers who profit from GMOs. When they claim their campaigns are backed by “science,” what they really mean is “corporate-funded junk science” designed to trick the public and protect corporate profits. This can only be achieved through an elaborate campaign of deception which continues to this day.

Will Texans demand honest food labeling?

Texas is a fiercely independent state, which is one of the reasons why I like being a Texan so much. The state is filled with high-integrity, hard-working people who believe in honesty, morality and transparency.

Many Texans, however, don’t yet fully understand how GMOs are poisoning their children, poisoning their farms and compromising their future. Parents who are feeding their children corn flakes don’t yet realize that every flake of that cereal contains a poison which was engineered into the corn.

The Texas A&M “chemical agriculture” approach is deeply embedded into Texas culture. Many farmers think nothing of spraying 100 acres of grass with Roundup in order to re-seed the land with Coastal (high-protein forage grass for cattle). It doesn’t help, either, that Texas A&M is funded in part by Monsanto. So we can all expect fierce resistance from Texas A&M “scientists” who the industry will no doubt pay off and roll out in front of the press to spread calculated lies about GMO labeling. (It worked for them in California, so why not spread the same lies in Texas?)

The biotech industry pulls all sorts of stunts to deceive the public about GMO labeling. For example, in the California campaign they dreamed up fake organizations with official sounding names like (for example) the “California State Nurses Association” and then mailed postcards to every household with quotes from “nurses” who claimed GMO labeling would be horrible. They pull these same tricks with other fictitious organizations, too.

This same industry got caught money laundering in Washington State, illegally funneling millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat GMO labeling there. The GMA, in fact, just lost a court battle over its money laundering activities. There is nothing this industry won’t do to keep consumers in the dark and keep pushing its poison. This includes willfully breaking the law.

Austin will be pivotal in the battle for GMO labeling in Texas

The Austin crowd is well ahead of the curve when it comes to recognizing the dangers of chemical agriculture and hidden poisons in genetically modified corn. If GMO labeling ever becomes law in Texas, it will be primarily due to grassroots efforts among the residents of Austin (and Dallas).

To most Texans, Austin is viewed with a tremendous amount of suspicion. Most of Texas is rural country, where people like myself live on ranches of various sizes, taking care of animals, keeping our rifles sighted in and our tractors running. To most rural Texans, Austin is seen as leaning too far to the left, with an almost socialism slant. So there will be some suspicion among rural Texans about anything that appears to have originated in Austin.

That’s why this GMO labeling battle will be so interesting to watch. It’s really a clash of cultures in Texas. I’m one of the few who spans those cultures, being both pro Second Amendment and simultaneously in favor of chemical-free agriculture and honest food labeling. Most people are squarely in one camp or the other, with very little cross-over, so it’s not difficult to see how the issue of GMO labeling in Texas will meet resistance. Democratic lawmakers will tend to be in favor of it, while Republicans will likely tend to oppose it.

The Biblical argument: GMOs seen as a violation of God and nature

There’s also a strong argument of GMO opposition among the many Christians in Texas who honor God and regularly attend church. There’s no more horrifying example of violating God’s will than taking a seed which once provided nourishment and engineering it to produce a toxic poison. The very idea that a corporation could patent and own food crop seeds while denying farmers the ability to save those seeds for the next growing season is clearly seen as a violation of Biblical principles and natural law. Anyone who truly follows Christian principles would, almost by definition, be horrified at the truth about GMOs if they came to understand what’s really happening.

There is tremendous evil to be identified and rooted out in the biotech industry which is filled with scientists who are almost universally anti-God atheists who don’t believe in the soul, morality or spiritual judgment. The “anti-God” aspects of GMOs and the biotech industry could really be brought to light in a grassroots campaign across rural Texas.

The Alex Jones factor

There’s also an interesting Alex Jones factor in any Texas GMO labeling campaign. Jones is of course strongly conservative on issues like the Second Amendment, liberty, the Bill of Rights and so on. At the same time, he’s very well informed about the corporate poisoning of America and the truth about GMOs, fluoride, aspartame and so on.

Jones has a very large following in Texas, and his daily radio show (which I previously guest hosted several times) reaches millions around the world. Through his influence, Jones has the ability to rally a large number of conservative Texans to the cause of GMO labeling, if he so chooses. Then again, he’s also quite busy covering far more serious current events such as the possibility of war with Russia, the invasion of Texas through its open southern border, the federal attempt to disarm all Americans, and so on. Although I don’t speak for him, Jones may decide that GMO labeling simply isn’t that big of a priority considering the wholesale assault on America being staged from the White House.

Texas is also home to Glenn Beck, a wildly popular conservative radio commentator whose actions often confound liberty-loving Texans. For example, Beck surprised a lot of people with his “open arms” approach to welcoming illegal aliens crossing the border rather than calling for the borders to be immediately closed and secured. Then again, on a lot of other issues, Beck is very much liberty-minded and argues strongly for a return to constitutional principles.

On the issue of GMO labeling, I have no idea where Beck might fall on the spectrum of support vs. opposition. Clearly agriculture and nutrition is not his area of focus, so he may not comment on it at all. For Beck, commenting on GMOs is a lose-lose proposition. If he comes out in opposition to GMO labeling, his listener base will aggressively accuse him of colluding with Monsanto. If he comes out in favor of GMO labeling, he might offend some of his more “pro business” conservative allies and show sponsors. Beck’s best strategy on this is to avoid talking about GMO labeling altogether.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting lineup: Texas has the Health Ranger, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul and many other freedom-loving celebrities, many of whom fully recognize the inherent evil of GMOs and the biotech industry. On the other hand, Texas also has Texas A&M, which is steeped in chemical agriculture and full of “scientists” who are fully capable of going on television and swearing with a straight face, “These chemicals are harmless.” (That’s the same thing they said about Thalidomide, Agent Orange, DDT and lots of other deadly chemicals, by the way.)

How it will really play out is up to the people of Texas. Will they choose to allow their children to be quietly poisoned with insecticides engineered into their corn flakes? Or will they demand the free market solution of honest GMO labeling so that consumers can make their own free choice about what they wish to buy and consume?

Texas political leaders need to be educated about the long-term dangers of GMOs and chemical agriculture

Another important question is what might happen if a law gets passed and it goes to the desk of likely future Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott is a remarkable, courageous man who holds true to the fundamental concepts of liberty for a free Texas. But I don’t know if he is well informed yet on the issue of GMOs and how genetic engineering (and the chemicals that go along with it) will actually devastate Texas agricultural production in the long run.

Even more, the long-term health effects of GMOs — which include cancer — will cost billions of dollars in state medical expenditures. Medical costs are bankrupting many states, and any time something like GMO labeling might allow citizens to avoid cancer-causing foods and thereby reduce their risk of disease, it should be seriously considered on its cost-saving merits alone. If Texans had an honest choice, a significant percentage of them would consciously choose to avoid GMOs altogether, and cancer rates would measurably drop.

People like Rick Perry and Greg Abbott need to be politely but firmly educated about why the future of Texas agriculture depends so much on the ability of Texas farmers to declare their independence from corporate GMO predatory farming practices. Texas farmers and Texas consumers need to be allowed a free market choice on what they wish to grow, buy or consume, and those choices need to be fully informed so that consumers have the information necessary to make those decisions.

Join the grassroots campaign in Texas

Click here for the Label GMOs Texas Facebook page.

Click here for the label GMOs petition for Texas.

Email texaslabelgmos@gmail.com to be added to the announcement list.

Good luck, Texans! Twenty-six million people are ready to stop eating poison if given a chance.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/046413_GMO_labeling_Texas_grassroots_campaign.html#ixzz3A7l9mbJf

Preppers and Patriot Expo

Please go to the Preppers and Patriots website for more info. This is going to be a good event!



Missouri Organic Association To Participate in Preppers and Patriots Expo


The Missouri Organic Association will be participating in the Preppers and Patriots Expo in Springfield, Mo. MOA  is comprised of farmers, chefs, gardeners, health professionals, and people who want healthy food and a healthy planet.


“MOA members include farmers and food producers who grow organic or sustainable food, processors consisting of companies searching for organic ingredients for final organic producdts; retailres; certifiers who provide organic certification in Missouri and consumers and we are proud to have them at the Expo” said Mike Slack, event organizer.


The Preppers and Patriots Expo is a two day event from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday
 and Sunday, August 16 and 17. Slack said “admission is $10 for the entire weekend and a few vendor tables are still available. Call 417-264-2435 or go to Preppers and Patriots Expo | 2 Days That Can Save Your Life for more information.”


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