Morningland Dairy- The Final Solution

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The Door to Morningland Dairy Cheese House

The Door to Morningland Dairy Cheese House

On August 26th, 2010 the destruction of Morningland Dairy began. Having lost a two and half year battle with cancer of the State, the interment will take place on January 25th, 2013.

People involved in all aspects of food production, be it growing, processing or distributing, should read through all the documentation and understand that Morningland’s saga is the model for all independent food production under the FDA’s new Food Safety Modernization Act. Critical to this destruction are “science-based standards” as opposed to scientifically accurate controls and concerns. The Global Food Safety Initiative combined with “Good Agricultural Practices” and the “Guide to Good Farming” will ensure that an inability to feed the population will occur.  Morningland Dairy is an early casualty of these “science based standards”.

Visions and Hopes-The Birth

Joseph and Denise Dixon took over Morningland Dairy after Denise completed a two year internship with the founders of Morningland, Jim and Margie Reiner. The Dixons finalized the purchase and began improvements on the Missouri Milk Board inspected and approved raw milk cheese plant in October of 2008. The entire family was tremendously pleased because this would allow Joseph to be home with the family instead of on the road working as an electrician in the eastern half of the United States.  The Dixons wanted to expand the varieties of cheese made by the company and ventured into a broader array of production.

Their desire was to help other families in the historically poverty stricken Missouri Ozarks to make an actual living on the farm and allow families to stay together. They consulted with the Missouri Milk Board and arranged for two families to begin providing goat milk to Morningland and launched a popular goat milk cheese line shortly after taking over the company.

Goat Cheese Ready for Labeling

Morningland had six employees and other farming families dependent upon the continuance of the cheese plant. On August 26th, 2010, it came to a screeching halt.

While Joseph and Denise were at a cheese making conference in Washington State, the plant manager received a call from the Missouri Milk Board stating that there was an issue of potential contamination found by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in Morningland cheese.

The cooler of $250,000 worth of cheese was immediately put under embargo, more accurately understood as house arrest, by the Missouri Milk Board. Don Falls, an inspector for the Milk Board, told the plant manager, “You should be back up and running by early next week.” Obviously, that wasn’t true. As a matter of fact, the very next morning, presumably after he spoke with the FDA, Falls’ entire attitude changed.

Over the weekend, the FDA leaked a nation wide recall on all of Morningland’s cheese produced in 2010. Not just the two batches that California indicated might be “suspect” for contamination, but their entire year’s production. Most of the cheese implicated as “suspect” by California had already been consumed. No complaints or ill effects were reported by any of the consumers of any of Morningland’s cheese. Nonetheless, the FDA required all of their products to be recalled.

Cheese in Morningland’s Cooler In Happier Days

Death by Bureaucracy

 Very few people realize the FDA has an armed and very military aspect. They showed up at Morningland in camouflage and made a lovely impression on those able to be at the unveiling of the future of food safety “FDA style”.

The FDA and Milk Board worked hand in hand to ensure that this little cheese plant in the midst of the Missouri Ozarks, that hadn’t made anyone sick in 30 years, would never make another batch of cheese for their loyal customers. Yet the FDA, who admit to killing 100,000 people a year, are allowed to gain ever more control over everything we take into our bodies. So the tally on deaths over the 30 year history of Morningland Dairy versus the FDA is:  Morningland “Zero”, FDA “3 Million”…or somewhere near that.

Despite significant effort, the FDA found no contamination in any cracks or drains in the cheese plant or even on the legs of the milk talk in the dairy barn. This evidence was not allowed to be introduced as part of Morningland’s defense because the Missouri Attorney General’s office contended that the FDA “was a separate issue.”

When pointedly asked what the specific process for getting the cheese plant back into production was, the Milk Board representative said it would involve a panel and consultation with the FDA to determine if that were a possibility. The members of the panel, other than the Milk Board and the FDA, and the specific requirements and processes were never delineated and no effort to achieve anything other than the destruction of the plant was ever evidenced by any official arm of the State of Missouri.

Neither the State of Missouri or the FDA ever conducted any tests on Morningland’s cheese. As a matter of fact, when Morningland tried to contract with a State approved lab to do proper tests on batches of their cheese, they were told that the lab simply did not want to get involved in the controversy. Morningland was denied the ability to legitimately test their product and defend their livelihood.

Adding insult to injury, Milk Board employee Don Falls testified in court and under oath that, improperly collected cheese samples, taken with no supervision and no instruction by an employee of Morningland for the plant’s manager, were in fact the State’s own tests.  This remains a very sore point for Joseph Dixon. He says, “When one commits perjury and no one in authority will hold them accountable for it, that individual and the system they support are nothing more than liars and thieves. In this case, the theft is of our ability to provide for our family and is based on bearing false witness to harm people who have harmed no one.”

Real Life Costs

 While bureaucrats masquerading as “protectors of public health” continue to be paid every month for the tortures they put people through, those being raped and pillaged by the very system that is supposed to “protect” them have to somehow come to terms with the fact that their very own tax dollars are being used to continue the offense.

When it became clear to the Dixons that the Missouri Milk Board was unwilling to work with them toward any resolution that would allow the cheese plant to resume operation or allow for the least bit of recompense for the $250,000 of cheese in the cooler, not even deeming the cheese safe for ultra high pasteurization to be put into dog food, Joseph contacted his previous employer and went back to work as an electrician….away from his home and family.

The Dixons, parents to 12 children, steeled themselves to do what they admonished their children to do. To stand for what was right no matter what the odds against them were. After their appeal for trial by jury was denied, they knew that they would need to face a State Agency, represented by the State Attorney, in front of judges appointed by the State. While they hoped that truth would prevail and that reality would actually be addressed, they didn’t go into this battle wearing rose colored glasses.

Initially, after over five weeks of dumping milk, some of their adult children milked the cows and Morningland sold into the commercial pasteurized chain, trying to make the farm pay for itself. When milk prices plummeted and the cost of feed soared, the decision to close the milk barn down was made. But the Dixons still needed to make the payment on the property they couldn’t use to make a living with any longer. They also had to pay to keep the cheese cooler running as the cheese was still under house arrest and effectively a ward of the State.

With Joseph again away from home during the week, and all the expense of keeping things in tact on the farm, things were difficult. Then Denise’s father became bed-ridden and her mother broke her ankle, so Denise and the younger children went to Ohio to care for her parents.

While the State employees continued to collect their wages, Denise Dixon nursed her mother back to wellness and cared for her father until he passed away. During this time, she had to make a couple of trips back to Missouri to face charges of contempt and allegations of attempting to sell illegal product.

None of the human issues in the disruption of lives and the stress of such assaults by the State seem to be taken into account when figuring the costs of these kinds of actions.

Should one believe the deductions set forth by Missouri’s Courts in this case, and take as fact the aspersions and allegations cast against Morningland in the court transcripts, the conclusion could be drawn that the State was the “Knight in Shining Armor” protecting the unwitting public against immoral people trying to poison their customers with products they created to be harmful.

But the truth is, the truth of the matter doesn’t matter. At least not to agents of the State of Missouri, but the People of Missouri generally hold a different opinion.

“Admittedly,” says Denise, “some of the tactics employed and the characterization of us running a “filthy” facility with “diseased animals” stunned us, but our Father is still in charge, and our hope is not in justice being served in man’s system.”

The End is Near

After exhausting all appeals, the cheese, still being kept cool in the refrigerator at Morningland Dairy, is set to be fully destroyed by the agents of the State, the Missouri Milk Board, on January 25th, 2013.

Two and a half years later, one could reasonably argue that the untended cheese has already been destroyed, and to some extent, that would be accurate. Just imagine that you close your refrigerator door and don’t get permission to look into it for 2 ½ years. How would that look to you? While pickles or olives might still be alright, it is highly likely that your dairy products would be a little bit off after such neglect, right?

Denise Dixon said, “After 6 months, the Colby was already gone, and that was about one fourth of the total cheese inventory. After not tending to it, no turning, no repackaging, no monitoring, at least half the cheddar has been ruined. The destruction has already taken place. Our family business, our livelihood, and our ability to provide people with living, positive food has been destroyed.”

Morningland's Cooler Now

Morningland’s Cooler Now

The Missouri Milk Board has ordered two dumpsters to be delivered to Morningland Dairy. So the cheese, which is “not fit for dog food”, will be put into dumpsters and delivered to a landfill to be consumed by wildlife which evidently are immune to the pathogens feared to be present.

Morningland Dairy will never be in business again.

No offer has been made by the Milk Board to prescribe the conditions that would need to be met by the operators to allow them to resume business. The Judge presiding over the case originally did write a regulatory prescription from the bench that was completely implausible for anyone to meet. It included a requirement to insure that no milking animal had bacteria indicative of potential mastitis at all prior to milking the animal.

To put that one judicial regulation into perspective, allow me to draw a parallel for those unfamiliar with milking animals. You milk twice a day, every day. The milk is “commingled” into one tank. So, imagine this….before sending your child to school, you must take a nasal swab and have it cultured to ensure that your child is not harboring a potential bacterial infection before boarding the bus. You would have to pay for this lab technician to be present every morning and for the tests. When your child came home in the afternoon, the same process would be repeated. You would have the immense pleasure of paying for this and keeping the records to validate the bacterial level present at each measuring.

While the scenario imagined above may not be literally impossible, it is certainly improbable, and it would be impossible to have any profit above the cost of production in such a scenario. But that wasn’t all that this judge set forth as regulation for Morningland from behind the bench, with no comprehension of dairy production or cheesemaking. The other prescriptions the judge made would have cost more than $100,000 in hard costs, with additional continuing costs for excessive testing during the cheesemaking process. He also still required the destruction of all cheese in the cooler, not allowing any batches to be cleared through testing. Additionally, the Missouri Milk Board never indicated that they would accept Morningland returning to production even if they did comply with the Judge Dunlap’s outlandish prescriptions.

The Missouri Milk Board nor the FDA have offered any process by which Morningland might be allowed to resume business and the courts have seemingly upheld Judge Dunlap’s regulating from the bench.

The Battle Is Over

Joseph and Denise Dixon of Morningland Dairy have given everything to this fight. Battling the State wasn’t really about them at all, but about our nation, our freedom, and our ability to choose food for ourselves and for our families that is truly nourishing and real. They held nothing back, but finally, the repeated systemic attacks have run their full course, and the dreams, hopes and labors of love poured into Morningland have succumbed.

As Joseph Dixon has summarized, “The state of Missouri has 6 million people from whom they draw tribute (taxes), from which they could fight us. To fight them, we had 65 cows.  And the truth never seemed even to be a consideration, let alone a goal.”

The Dixons no longer have those cows. They no longer have the cheese. They no longer have the family business and have lost all Joseph’s retirement savings, which the cheese represented. They are left with a skeleton. A milk barn with no cows, and a cheese plant with no milk, nor permission to ever make cheese again.

On January 25th, friends and family will witness the pulling of the plug on the cooler and the removal of the $250,000 worth of food created to nourish but prevented from fulfilling it’s purpose by bureaucracy and science based standards that have no basis in true science.

Rest In Peace, Morningland. Righteous judgment will come.


For all articles and documents, please visit The Uncheese Party. You can also donate to help the family begin the next segment of their lives.


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  1. onecowco
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 21:12:31

    This is so wrong on all accounts. THANK YOU for keeping us informed of what was happening with this. I know you put lots of hours/time into it!
    I put a link to this on my blog, hope you don’t mind!


    • truthfarmer
      Jan 29, 2013 @ 07:09:58

      Sorry for being so tardy. No, I do not mind at all. Link it anywhere and everywhere.

      The truth is that this attack on real food is happening all across the US. People have to know the levels to which the controlling bureaucrats will go to stop them from having a choice. Thank you for linking it!


  2. truthfarmer
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 07:17:34

    Here is a link to a video a taken during the destruction yesterday of Joseph Dixon:


  3. truthfarmer
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 07:31:23


  4. Josh Broker
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 12:07:35

    Bringing truth to this and fighting so hard will help to at least spread and give others info on such an atrocity. We know how much the Dixons, their friends, and their supporters have given in this fight. While trying to keep the dairy in business was in vain, the fight wasn’t. everyone who reads this will know and hopefully will share Morningland’s story or others like it. The State, their power, and the FDA will not continue to act like a dictator ruling to end raw and natural food products. My mother, a health conscious consumer, bought from Morningland for many years and taught me the benefits of consuming quality, more natural food. I thank you for sharing this fight and the injustices that were given to you. You are not alone, be well,


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  6. BeEtLjOoZ
    Jan 27, 2013 @ 02:35:31

    Reblogged this on #BigLouisiana.


  7. David Hannes
    Jan 27, 2013 @ 13:16:57

    Excellent job Truthfarmer. Thank you.
    And Mr. Dixon did a GREAT job talking to those idiots from the Milk Board. Thank you and your wife Denise for standing up to these crooks.


  8. Harley Rider
    Jan 27, 2013 @ 22:39:49

    Not one Congressman – Senator could bring some sanity to this situation? Just goes to the power of the Jack Booted FDA Thugs in Washington. I believe that States will start Succeeding as Citizens become aware of the Gestapo tactics of the out of control – answer to nobody Government Agencies such as the FDA – EPA – TSA – etc. States are going to find out that their tax monies are being used to pay for other state’s responsibilities – such as – high retirement / pensions / health care / high union wages / benefits etc.

    Even a dairy farmer in Russia would never have to go thru what these poor have had to . I sure find away to get a seat or 2 on that milk board. Dam the spineless politicians for not standing up for these fine folk.

    When The Root Is Strong There Is No Need To Fear The Wind


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  10. Carey G. Butler
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 06:48:35

    Please donate people!


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  18. patrick
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 19:16:48


    the law is never once really thoroughly explored. the problem is they are operating in public, not private and they have too many adhesion contracts compelling their performance as surety to the NAME.

    please provide my contact info from this form to the family if you are in touch. i am local on missouri and willing to travel to them to help them turn this around. god gave us all that is on this earth, yet some men believe they have the right to charge others for enjoying God’s bounty. and they could have operated freely had they not asked permission to be in business.

    its time for this to cease, but only through knowledge which births new understanding.


    • truthfarmer
      Jan 29, 2013 @ 19:38:06

      Hi Patrick,

      Yes, I am in contact with them. They actually began a private cheese club with cheese purchased from inspected, licensed facilities, and they repackaged it in another facility and were taken to court for contempt for doing so. So they ceased. And you cannot blame them at all. Trying to provide people with healthy food is virtually a crime in the US now.

      I understand the intricacies of private distribution and am a huge supporter of that. We ARE smart enough to decide what we want to eat without their permission, surveillance or controls. We simply need to assert our right and do so.

      Please contact me through my email for further conversation on this….Thank you!


  19. pj brown
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 08:30:02

    Another sad story from the American farm. Unfortunately I don’t know the laws in MO, though I do know that raw milk (unpasteurized) can cause problems for some people. However, no one was forcing people to buy and consume the cheese.


  20. Randy
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 11:55:03

    You should have filed a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) in the court to stop them until the truth could be meted out.


  21. oregonnotary
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 11:59:13

    You should have filed a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) with the court until the truth could be meted out.


  22. Ivan
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 12:15:21

    The only way our form of government can survive is by keeping everyone divided. I will try my best to make this story known. It is obvious this is just the case of the big corporations trying to eliminate their competition.It is my choice to buy what I want from whom I want!


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  26. Shay Walsh
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 14:27:54

    It’s heart breaking when honest farmers are prosecuted and yet there sits Monsanto running strong and they are killing billions of people and they do nothing about it. What gives?


  27. Donna
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 07:00:58

    Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ! I just heard about this raid today thru Mike Adams of Natural News. I am soooo sorry about all of this. I have tears in my eyes for all of you & righteous indignation for this crazy injustice! They will have to answer for what they are doing no matter who ordered them to do it.

    I was blessed by the owner’s & others’ wise & truthful words to these so-called people (zombies). The Lord is sorrowing w/ all of you & all we can do is thank Him in it all knowing that He can use anything for His purposes & that is to help us become more Christ-like & of course, look to Him for every direction & His love. May the Lord help you w/ every need. In Christ, Donna


  28. ellrey
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 13:44:42

    I know members of the family personally and have met Joe & Denise as well. It is clear their is a distinct intention not to see that ‘tainted’ product be found and subsequent measures taken to actually ‘remedy’ any problem. We must understand the enemy -workers of iniquity and lawlessness- are roaming the earth seeking to devour. The Sons of God
    are to be keenly aware of this and we have failed to watch upon the wall while the enemy sowed tares. Now positions of authority are occupied by tares which are choking out the wheat(the good seed).

    I suggest every one send a letter to their County Sheriff advising and inquiring –Since they are the highest law enforcement authority in the
    county– 1)do they now or will they in the future review in entirety the case summary of any order which comes before them to be executed in the county they preside over. 2) Will they inquire of the parties as to the facts as they have been presented giving rise to the order, and what contentions the Sheriff ought to consider before executing or implementing the actions under the order. 3) if the sheriff should find any anomaly will they enforce the order or in the alternative require the county attorney file a writ of mandamus (an order of a higher court requiring the lower court review or reverse the order for a due process failure) in the case 4) will the sheriff in such cases not enforce the order

    The Sheriff is elected by the people and removal is by election. The Sheriff is not legally bound to enforce orders which are not supported by the facts regardless of whether a judge orders it.

    Our prayers in Jesus name are offered for Joe, Denise and the entire family. May Christ hear the petition of our prayers and the man’s men be now warned we pray for their removal and another to take his place who will not allow thieves to break in amongst his county and steal, kill and destroy.


  29. Michelle
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 21:01:12

    Just saw this (from Natural News) and have already forwarded it to many others! May Our LORD and Savior hold you near in your trial, may you sense His presence near you. I commend you for the stand you took and the peaceful way in which you handled yourselves. I honestly can’t say I would have been as calm. My heart breaks for you but trusting that judgement will be bestowed upon the righteous! The road our country is going down is not good but does bring us closer to our Heavenly home!
    Did anyone ever think that you could still do what your doing but those interested in “having” it could give a “gift” of money to the “farm”? Hummm….


  30. Ryan Lampinen
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 16:14:56

    ‘And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food, and for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance of the maidens.’ Pr.27:27
    God says that raw milk is for food and even for the “maintenance” of thy maidens. In other words, it is health food! Keep the faith!
    It is hard to be persecuted by unbelievers, but God will give us strength to face whatever may be in store. Luther, in a hymn, says,
    ‘Take they then what they will,
    life, goods, yea all and still
    even when their worst is done
    they yet have nothing won.
    The kingdom ours remaineth!
    The treasure we have in our earthen vessel is protected by Almighty and we can be confident he will preserve us unto his heavenly kingdom. But God forbid that I should glory, save in our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me , and I unto the world. Gal.6:14
    We need to pray for and forgive these mindless robots, who just are “doing their job”. I could see by their body language that they knew fully they were wrong but because they feared man and were moved by jealousy, they continued to pursue their agenda. Remember how Judas and his band were knocked to the ground by Truth’s,’I am he’? It is amazing that the unbelievers will continue to assault the truth until either they are converted or destroyed by God himself.
    Pray always and faint not!


  31. Ryan Lampinen
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 16:18:14

    ‘And thou shalt have goats’ milk enough for thy food, and for the food of thy household, and for the maintenance of the maidens.’ Pr.27:27
    God says that raw milk is for food and even for the “maintenance” of thy maidens. In other words, it is health food! Keep the faith!
    It is hard to be persecuted by unbelievers, but God will give us strength to face whatever may be in store. Luther, in a hymn, says,
    ‘Take they then what they will,
    life, goods, yea all and still
    even when their worst is done
    they yet have nothing won.
    The kingdom ours remaineth!
    The treasure we have in our earthen vessel is protected by Almighty and we can be confident he will preserve us unto his heavenly kingdom. But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me , and I unto the world. Gal.6:14
    We need to pray for and forgive these mindless robots, who just are “doing their job”. I could see by their body language that they knew fully they were wrong but because they feared man and were moved by jealousy, they continued to pursue their agenda. Remember how Judas and his band were knocked to the ground by Truth’s,’I am he’? It is amazing that the unbelievers will continue to assault the truth until either they are converted or destroyed by God himself.
    Pray always and faint not!


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  33. Cindy
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 02:27:22

    Having watched your video, my heart goes out to you for your–and our–profound loss. I also wish to commend you and those who gathered with you for your profound courage and maintenance of calm sanity in the face of such blatant insanity.

    For those of you searching for possible answers to the question, “What gives?” how has all of humanity and our entire planet degenerated into the terrible mess that we are in today, if you are willing to hold your mind open to what is likely to be a new perspective, I suggest the following video (which needs to be watched in its entirety to get a true sense of the possible):
    Almost 7 Hours David Icke Non Stop – Human Race Get Off Your Knees “The Lion Sleeps No More” – YouTube

    The following video then gives a more thorough explanation as to a route out of this terrible mess:
    New Powerful David Icke Interview – Bewusst.TV June 18, 2012 Germany! – YouTube

    In addition, some legal answers might be available here:
    David Wynn Miller QUANTUM GRAMMAR SEMINAR SEPTEMBER 2012 1 OF 25 – YouTube

    Please note that I am not a trained legal advisor, nor have I done any research into the validity of the claims made by David Wynn Miller in his seminar recorded in the above video (which is also about 8 hours in its entirety). However, in a world that is now run by the more and more obviously insane, in a world in which humanity has been hijacked and is being used as an instrument to destroy itself and the whole planet, true sanity looks starkly different by contrast.


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  35. best shopping
    May 23, 2013 @ 10:53:59

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    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers


  36. Charity
    May 23, 2013 @ 15:53:45

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the
    video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos
    to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?


    • truthfarmer
      May 24, 2013 @ 15:04:48

      I do write, have written, and would seriously like to write more, but people have developed a strong desire for the instant gratification of passive learning via video….:). It’s certainly far from all I put up. However, for those of us with limited bandwidth, reading is still fundamental!


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    Jul 28, 2013 @ 04:56:02

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  39. torebki papierowe
    Apr 28, 2014 @ 15:38:34

    Thanks for finally writing about >Morningland Dairy- The Final Solution | Truth
    Farmer <Liked it!


    Jul 10, 2014 @ 16:58:14

    Je peux tе dire qսe сcе n’est nullement incohérent !


  41. reklama chojnow
    Sep 30, 2014 @ 20:39:07

    Genuinely when someone doesn’t know then its up to other visitors
    that they will assist, so here it takes place.


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