Drones for Our Safety…Yeah, right

NBC put out this story highlighting a possible new career for people who can’t afford the $20,000 cost of Obamacare for a family of four. Since they want up to 30,000 drones in the sky over the next decade, there is likely to be a boom in the drone flying job sector. Seems like the only area of employment growing in any way is the kind that spies on your neighbors for the Uber-ment.

If you sense a certain tone of discontentment in my writing, you get it. I’m sick to death of being surveilled, monitored and impeded from being able to PRODUCE by our government. It comes down to one thing, and one thing only: The consent of the governed. If we allow this to continue, we are giving our consent.

 Here is the story from NBC, please note that they are intending to “monitor” livestock and catch “poachers” with this “civilian” surveillance.

Anticipating domestic boom, colleges rev up drone piloting programs

“Some of the schools that have permits have been flying unmanned aircrafts for decades; others, like Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, received theirs recently to start programs to train future drone pilots.

Courtesy Randal Franzen

—Randal Franzen went from being unemployed to earning a six-figure salary as a drone flight operator in Afghanistan—

Alex Mirot, an assistant professor at Embry-Riddle who oversees the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science program there, said this generation of students will pioneer how unmanned aircraft are used domestically, as the use of drones shifts from almost purely military to other applications.

“We make it clear from the beginning that we are civilian-focused,” said Mirot, a former Air Force pilot who remotely piloted Predator and Reaper drones used to target suspected terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere for four years from a base in Nevada.

“We want them to think about how to apply this military hardware to civilian applications.”

Among the possible applications: Monitoring livestock and oil pipelines, spotting animal poachers, tracking down criminals fleeing crime scenes and delivering packages for UPS and FedEx.

With U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan winding down, drone manufacturers also are eager to find new markets. AeroVironment, a California company that specializes in small, unmanned aircrafts for the military, recently unveiled the Qube, a drone designed for law enforcement surveillance.” (read the entire story here)


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